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As of 2008, Kohl’s Department Store is the 24th largest retailer in the United States. What started out in 1962 as a small department store in Wisconsin, has since developed into over one thousand stores in forty-nine of the fifty states.

When Max Kohl took his experience with grocery stores and created his first department store, he likely had no idea how it would someday take off. In 1972, the British-American Tobacco Company’s U.S. retail division, BATUS Inc., bought an interest in the Kohl’s franchise, which operated grocery stores, department stores, and even a few drugstores and liquor stores. Members of the Kohl family continued to own and operate the stores, however. Stores began to move beyond Wisconsin and into Illinois and Indiana, but primarily expanded as department stores. The other aspects of Kohl’s (groceries, liquor and drugstores) would all eventually cease to exist.

The Kohl’s stores began popping up throughout the Midwest, but eventually began to spread even further. The Pacific Northwest has been the last region of the United States to become infiltrated with the stores, with the most recent addition being in Alaska. Most of the department stores are self-standing, however some may be attached to a mall. Like traditional department stores, Kohl’s offers a wide variety of products and labels, ranging from name brands to private store brands. The set-up of the store tends to be a bit different than other department stores, as they have centralized checkout aisles, similar to grocery stores. They also use techniques in placing items around their stores similar to discount stores.

Kohl’s sell a variety of goods ranging from apparel, shoes, accessories, jewelry, toys, decorative items, bedding, luggage, small electronics, kitchen items, and more. Kohl’s typically offers many items on sale at discounted prices weekly. The biggest savings, however, come to those that possess a Kohl’s credit card. Credit card holders will receive extra discounts twelve times a year, ranging from 15-30% on all merchandise. These coupons will be mailed to credit card holders, or they can also get a coupon directly from the store, or at times, on-line. Those that spend at least $600 a year using their Kohl’s credit card will receive “MVC” status, or “Most Valued Customer” status meaning that six times a year they will have the ability to pick a day and save 15%-20% off their purchases.

Kohls Coupons Available Online, Printable Discount Codes Available

The nice thing about Kohl’s coupons is that they can be used on sale and clearance purchases as well. For example, in late January, winter coats and snow pants were on clearance for 70% off. The price for girls size 4-6 Osh Kosh B’Gosh snowsuits were originally $90.00, but since they were 70% off, the price was marked down to $27.00. However, if you had a 30% off coupon, for example, the price would be less than $19.00! That price is unbeatable, even when compared to large warehouse type stores!

However, for those that may not want to sign up for a credit card, there are a couple of options available for discounts at Kohl’s. First, if you go to their website (www.kohls.com) and sign up here you can receive an email for $5.00 of your next in-store purchase, and 10% off your next online purchase. Also, by using promo code “SHIPNSAVE” at online checkout orders over $75.00, you can receive free shipping.

Between the great sale prices and some of these coupon options, you can find just about anything you might need for your home or family at Kohl’s.

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