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DSW Information

Designer Shoe Warehouse, or DSW, is a shoe retailer selling shoes at significantly discounted prices. Based out of Columbus, OH, it operates over 300 stores in 39 states. It offers an ever-changing stock of designer and brand-name footwear in all categories – dress, athletic, and casual. Every store offers thousands of pairs of shoes from more than 400 brands. But DSW is not just for women; men’s merchandise accounts for 15% of sales.

Online Presence

DSW also has its interactive website, which was inspired by members of its loyalty program. The site tries to replicate the in-store feel as closely as possible as with its 360-degree, high-definition views. People can rate and discuss the shoes on mini-blogs. Online purchases can be returned at any physical store in the country. Members of their loyalty program can also log-in and track their points balance.

Loyalty Program

DSW’s loyalty program, called DSW Rewards, offers its 11 million members access to coupons and special offers. Membership is free and the company is always seeking to improve the member experience since Rewards members account for the majority of DSW’s sales. When signing up for the program, people can dictate what types of contact they’d like. If they choose, they can receive DSW’s monthly e-mail newsletters that include updates on the latest styles and information about special promotions. The program is cardless, so members simply give their phone number at checkout.

DSW Rewards Details

Previously called the Reward Your Style program, DSW revamped it in 2006 in response to member suggestions. Those suggestions included lowered points thresholds for lower value coupons and a second tier of rewards for the heaviest shoppers. Members of the Rewards program earn a $10 coupon for every 1500 points they accrue. They get 10 points for every dollar spent on regularly-priced merchandise and 5 points for every dollar spent on clearance merchandise. Members also get two days each year worth double points and they receive a $5 coupon for their birthday. Online purchases count toward their total points and members get free ground shipping on their orders.

DSW Premier Rewards Details

Membership in the Premier Rewards program is based on purchases. Members earn a Premier membership when they accrue 6000 points in a calendar year – equivalent to $600 worth of regularly-priced merchandise. Once members enter the Premier club, they accrue points more quickly. They get 15 points and 7.5 points for every dollar spent on regularly-priced and clearance merchandise respectively. They also get two triple points days every year, in addition to their two double points days, and a $10 birthday coupon. Premier members get free next-day shipping for their online purchases. Bonus points and double points do not count toward earning a Premier membership.

Find Printable DSW Coupons and Discount Codes

The majority of DSW coupons are aimed at Rewards members. $10 off coupons are automatically mailed to Rewards members after they accrue their points. Sometimes the company posts printable coupons on its website, though these are usually for Rewards members and may simply offer more points for buying certain things. For example, during its holiday deals promotion, members got 500 bonus points for purchasing certain brands and designs. The coupon was posted online in their promotions section. DSW usually allows members to combine coupons, up to 3, so this kind of bonus points coupon can be used with two $10 off coupons, for example.

Given the free membership and benefits of continued purchases, becoming a DSW Rewards member is valuable for any regular shoe shopper. DSW is a discount retail outlet, so shoes are already cheaper than what customers would pay at other stores. When combined with Rewards benefits, members will find they get significant savings.

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