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What is Anthropologie?

The experts Anthropologie know what women like and they offer top quality merchandise to dress you from head to toe in the hottest trends in feminine clothes, shoes and accessories. What’s more, they can do the same for your house with their impressive selection of bedding, furniture, curtains and room decor treasures. Although Anthropologie rarely offers coupons directly, you’ll be glad to know there are money-saving Anthropologie discounts that you can get online and use at your local store.

Even though there are over ninety Anthropologie stores across the US and three in Canada, you can count on your shopping experience always being unique! For one reason, each location staffs a full time interior designer that focuses on the visual artistry of their store a full forty hours per week, giving each location a distinctive personality that changes with the seasons.

Anthropologie always has exciting holiday promotions and individual stores traditionally sponsor events for local charities. Some locations hold classes featuring popular crafts and expert advice on fashion and home decorating. There are also informative displays, such as a selection of 100% organic cotton tee shirts to promote awareness of the disappearing honey bees and other ecological concerns.

Anthropologie is run by Urban Outfitters, Inc. and was founded by Richard Hayne in 1992 to provide high end merchandise that appeals to middle aged professional women. Consequently, Anthropologie offers its own line of apparel labels that you won’t find anywhere else, such as Odile, Maeve, Moulinette Soeurs, Floeat, Elevenses, Chia, Taikohu and Allihop. You can also count on Anthropologie’s buyers to find the most tasteful (and affordable) selections from established fashion houses like Vera and cutting edge designers such as Yoana Barashi. Renown designer Anna Sui offers a romantic line of dresses and accessories exclusively for Anthropologie.

Printable Coupons and Discounts Codes for Anthropologie

Coupons for Anthropologie are rare, though sometimes available on the third-party coupon internet sites which offer printable coupons that you can use at the store or coupon codes that can be presented at the check out stand for discounts on selected merchandise. Some of these coupons offer free shipping on internet orders when you enter a selected code. Be sure and note that most coupons have expiration dates, and most can only be used once by each customer. Research shows that many times coupons obtained through third party sites simply reflect advertised bargains that you can get without the coupon.

If you are a frequent shopper at Anthropologie, be sure and sign up for the email alerts so you can receive notifications of bargain, events, fashion ideas and seasonal specials. You may even want to consider getting an Anthropologie widget, which is code you can download to display a window with daily specials that you can place directly on your desktop or internet site. You can even sign up to follow their alerts on services like Twitter and Facebook.

It is also worth noting that many shoppers report in store specials that are not advertised, so regular visits to Anthropologie can yield some unexpected bargains. To see the latest advertised specials, check out the main website.

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