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Lane Bryant is a name that many women across America have come to know and trust. Lane Bryant is not just any name, though. It is the forefront of a massive corporation devoted to providing women of all sizes with fitting, comfortable and fashionable clothes all seasons of the year. Lane Bryant is based in the United States as a women’s retail outlet store for clothing, and it specializes in plus-size clothing. The Lane Bryant store first got its start in the beginning half of the 20th century when a woman by the name of Lena Himmelstein Byrant Malsin (Lena Bryant) came up with a unique maternity clothes design for pregnant women.

History of Lane Bryant

Lena Bryant became a widow at a very young age. Being widowed changed her life radically, and she had to find a way to support herself and her small boy on her own. After much thought, she decided to become a dress maker. Bryant’s brother-in-law loaned her a sum of $300 in working capital, after which she made a trip to her local bank to open up a new account. However, the bank man spelled her name wrong on the application for the account. Instead of showing up as “Lena”, it came up as “Lane”. With the onset of the year 1904, Lena Bryant rented out a little shop with living space in the back of it that sat on Fifth Avenue, and her monthly rent was $12.50. Though it does not seem like much today, that was a large amount of money in those times. Lena let her clothes hang off of her gas fixtures, and then, she opened her shop to the public.

One of her customers, who also happened to be pregnant at the time, requested that she create a garment that was “presentable but comfortable” to have on in the public. Lena decided to take her up on the challenge, and she designed a dress that had an accordion pleated skirt and elastic waistband. This garment would come to be the very first commercially fabricated maternity dress in the world. Women from all walks of life loved the design of the maternity dress. Both the fabulously rich and the impoverished women of the world wore Lena Bryant’s maternity dress. Lena quickly acquired great recognition in the fashion industry and her maternity dress would become the most popular clothing she had available in her shop.

Development and Expansion

It wasn’t until 1910 that Lena’s company underwent development and expansion, and that was largely due to her new partner in marriage, Albert Malsin. While he focused on specialization, speedy production time and higher quantities of clothing, the couple’s income grew exponentially. However, Lena was having a difficult time in spreading the word about her maternity clothes. In those days, it was considered inappropriate, and even taboo, to discuss pregnancy in the press. She finally persuaded the New York Herald to list an ad in their paper for her business, and the very next day, everything in her shop had been completely sold out. By the year of 1923, Lena had also perfected three unique fits for women’s clothing, and she became famous for her plus size clothing. Customers loved her fashion and great prices. By now, Lena was a millionaire.

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