Bed Bath and Beyond Coupons


About Bed, Bath, and Beyond

Bed Bath & Beyond is the number one household goods superstore in the US, with over 300 stores throughout North America. The stores stock various kinds of domestic merchandise like linens, bathroom items, kitchen implements, small appliances, cookware, and cutlery, among many others. The company primarily relies on direct mailings to send customers in-store coupons, circulars, and other promotional discounts; word-of-mouth is also a significant source of its marketing.

Superstore Revolution

Bed Bath & Beyond was formed in 1971 in suburban New York. The chain quickly expanded. In the 1980s, Bed Bath & Beyond was at the vanguard of the superstore explosion in the US – large, well-stocked stores with prices comparable to department store sales. Their first superstore was 20,000 square feet and offered a comprehensive line of home furnishings. This was revolutionary. At the time, most stores only offered a few select brands. Bed Bath & Beyond, along with Toys ‘R Us and Blockbuster, were the new category killers: stores that beat the competition by offering practically every product in their category at very low prices. The model has been wildly successful. Today, Bed Bath & Beyond stores average about 45,000 square feet and offer more than 300,000 items.

Bed Bath & Beyond Coupon Codes

The company’s coupons are quite familiar to regular shoppers. Bed Bath & Beyond sends two types of coupons to its customers: one that offers 20% off one item or one that offers $5 off of purchases greater than $15. Notably, many stores honor the coupons regardless of the expiration date. In 2009, some stores announced they would no longer accept expired coupons, though this seems to be on a case-by-case basis as many stores still do. The most reliable way to get Bed Bath & Beyond coupons is to sign up for their mailing list. Sometimes the company prints coupons in local newspapers or even home-related magazines. This tends to be during the spring when weddings and graduation events spur people to buy home-related gifts, but it’s less common.

The store doesn’t often offer printable coupons or online promotions. Some third-party websites proclaim they offer printable coupons, but the coupons themselves may state they cannot be copied or printed. Customers who sign up for Bed Bath & Beyond’s e-mail list get a printable coupon with their welcome e-mail. This offers 20% off an item purchased in one of their stores; coupons are not applicable to online purchases. Online customers may get free shipping from time to time.

Fine Print

Anyone using a Bed Bath & Beyond coupon should be mindful of the fine print. Coupons always include a long list of brands and products that are excluded from their promotional offers. These typically include things like gift cards, fine china, fine cutlery, stemware, and many other of the most expensive items. On the other hand, coupons are applicable toward clearance merchandise so long as such merchandise isn’t excluded. A 20% off coupon applied to a clearance item can save shoppers a significant sum off the original price.

Generally, no more than one coupon can be applied to an item and they’re not valid in combination with any other savings certificate. People should also take care when using coupons if they’re purchasing more than one item. The 20% off coupons apply only to one item, not the entire purchase; stores always apply it to the most expensive item, but that is not stated on the coupon itself, so savvy shoppers would be wise to check.

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