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Forever 21 is an American fashion apparel store catering to young women, but has become renowned for its affordable clothing and chic style. Don-Won Chang and his wife Jin Sook began the store in 1984 in Los Angeles, California. Originally, the store was created in order to market fashion trends spotted in South Korea to the Korean community within Los Angeles. The store soon became a hit, however, with people of all ages and nationalities recognizing the trendy fashion options offered by “Fashion 21,” the original name of Forever 21. In its first year, Forever 21 amassed a great profit, making $700,000 from a meager $35,000. Now the retail company has expanded and created other stores, among which are “For Love21” and “Gadzooks21.” In 2009, one of the largest Forever 21 stores was created with the emergence of a 90,000 square foot store in Times Square.

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Many of Forever 21’s coupons are found online and can be accessed by joining Forever 21’s mailing list. Simply go to and create an account with the store, and you will automatically be signed up for its online mailing list. Through the mailing list, you will receive offers like free shipping on orders over $40, 10%-20% off online sales, and even receiving a free lipgloss with the purchase of certain clothing items. It pays to be part of Forever 21’s mailing list program.

Another great way to find deals at Forever 21 is to shop during its seasonal sales times. Typically in the months of February and March, many retail stores hold winter sales to get rid of clothing like sweaters and heavy coats, and make way for spring/summer apparel. Forever 21 is no different. Always check Forever 21 during February for its amazing sales on sweaters. Some of its sweaters will originally cost between $40 to $50, but be marked down to $5 to $8. That’s saving almost 80% on the original price of the sweater, which is an amazing deal. I typically stock up on clothing even during the off-season. After summer, you can also find these same sweet deals on tank tops and shorts. Forever 21 offers some of the cutest and affordable shorts on sale after summer, typically for around $5 to $10.

The thing to remember with Forever 21, is that its stores are literally massive. With the typical store having over 10,000 square feet, there are many racks of clothing, accessories, makeup, and jewelry to sort through! I find the best way to navigate Forever 21 is to only go there with the purpose to shop for its sales, or with the purpose of something else in mind. For example, if I need a business suit for an interview, I will go to Forever 21 with that sole purpose in mind rather than getting distracted by its various products. Sometimes I simply want a pair of jeans or to find a cute shirt to go out to the nightclubs in. Then, I will also only go to Forever 21 with those single purposes in mind rather than getting so distracted by its wall-to-wall stacks of clothing and accessories.

Some of Forever 21’s best stores are found in New York, Puerto Rico, and California. Perhaps you are traveling to Puerto Rico for a vacation, then you are in good luck. This store has three levels and is absolutely breath taking for its fashion offerings. Make sure to take advantage of the different Forever 21 locations, since each and every store is highly unique and offers different clothing selections. Other than that, be sure to sign up for the mailing list, find online coupons, and shop at sales to land the best deals at Forever 21.

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