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American Eagle Outfitters is a popular retailer of clothing and accessories. The store’s headquarters is located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Jerry and Mark Silverman founded the company in 1977 as a sub-company of Retail Ventures, Inc. The brothers sold their company stocks, thereby releasing ownership of the company, in 1991.

American Eagle’s target market is teenagers and young adults. They are best known for their low-rise pants, graphic tees, swimwear, and polo shirts.


The store was set up as a way for the Silverman brothers to diversify their business. They set up the stores in various shopping malls and produced a catalog. The chain’s popularity increased through most of the 1980s. However, in 1989, the owners decided to focus more attention on the store, and sold their other retail stores. There were 137 stores in the world during this time, and 37 of them were located in the United States.

During the last part of the 1980s, American Eagle experienced a heavy decline in sales. The decline was signaled by opening a meager 16 stores in 1991. During this time, the Schottenstein family, who owned 50 percent of the stores stocks, bought the company from the Silverman family. The change of ownership led to American Eagle’s rise in sales. In addition, it resulted in the company’s current market, which is the selling of its own casual clothing private label to men and women.

The company began trading on the New York Stock Exchange during the middle of 1994, and boasted 167 stores and fantastic profits. The company opened over 90 stores during the next year. In addition, new executives hired in 1995 and 1996 led to another change in the company’s target market. The new executives decided to target more women and focus primarily on ages ranging from 15 to 25. Because of this change, revenues climbed to over 1 billion dollars by 2000. In addition, American Eagle, along with its subsidiaries, claimed over 1100 stores. In their most recent earnings statement, the company has claimed earnings of over 3 billion dollars.

The store’s slogan is “Live Your Life”, which is a stark contrast to its biggest competitor, Abercrombie and Fitch. In another contrast, the tables in the store are brightly lit, and bright colors are used throughout the store.

Additional Brands

The company has many other namesakes underneath the main company’s name. These corporations include Martin + Osa, Aerie, and 77 Kids. The store’s products range from women’s lingerie, to kids clothing.

In today’s economy, nobody wants to pay full price for the excellent clothes that American Eagle offers. Therefore, it is important to know the best ways to save on American Eagle’s merchandise.

Promotional Discounts, Coupon Codes, and Deals on American Eagle

American eagle frequently sends out coupons in the mail. These coupons can range from 5-dollar coupons, to 20 percent off coupons. American Eagle has always taken their coupon marketing very seriously, and as a result, it is very easy to find coupons for their stores. All American Eagle stores offer a discount for applying for their store credit card. In general, the stores allow a 10 percent discount to be given when anyone applies for their store card.

In addition to first-party coupons, there is a wealth of third-party coupons available. Many websites have an agreement with the store to offer coupons to patrons. These websites include American Eagle’s website,, as well as many other online coupon websites. In fact, if you get the coupons off American Eagle’s website, you can obtain additional discounts. However, the store is the fastest and easiest way to obtain coupons. American Eagle is one of the nation’s most popular stores to use coupons in.

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