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About Joann Fabrics

Joann Fabrics is America’s largest fabric retailer with 851 fabric stores in 48 states and almost 2 billion dollars in sales annually while comprising 6% of the 29 billion dollar fabric industry. Joann Fabrics was established in 1951 as Cleveland Fabric Shops, Inc. The store was originally started when the Rohrbach family began selling their fabrics at a local Cleveland import fabric store owned by the Reich Family.

During the 1960s the stores were renamed Jo-Ann Fabrics as the shops expanded outside of Cleveland. In 1968, the company changed its name to Fabri-Centers of America, Inc. However, the stores still operated under the name of Jo-Ann Fabrics.

Later, in 1984, Jo-Ann created a new line of house ware stores known as, Cargo Express, in an attempt to diversify. In 1988, Jo-Ann began to suffer as the fabric market weakened and they turned their attention to creating “superstores”. It is not until the 1990s that arts and crafts were offered within the stores in addition to fabrics. In 1993, Cargo Express was put up for sale at a large loss to the company and the company changed its name to Jo-Ann Stores, Inc. By 2003, Jo-Ann Fabrics returned to profitability as one of the largest fabric and craft stores in the United States.

Types of Stores

Jo-Ann’s smaller “traditional” stores and massive superstores sell a wide array of crafts, crocheting items, sewing tools, quilting, art materials, notions, fabrics, sewing machines, photo and scrapbooking items, and more. Jo-Ann stores are located throughout the country in almost every state. In addition, most states have multiple locations.

In addition to their limitless selection of materials, Jo-Ann Fabrics offers various classes including: cake decorating, sewing, knitting, quilting, crocheting and more. Furthermore, during the holiday season, Jo-Ann offers an array of ornament, card, and gingerbread craft classes for both children and adults.

Discounts, Coupons, and Promotional Savings for Joann Fabrics

Jo-Ann offers many discount coupons by mail, e-mail, in store, or on-line. One of the best ways to obtain coupons is to visit the Jo-Ann website. Jo-Ann usually offers at least one coupon on the site with an on-line promotion code. This is generally a 40%-50% off coupon for one item. In addition, Jo-Ann offers coupons in all of their weekly sale papers. These are located at the front counter of the store.

One can also have weekly or monthly printable coupons sent to their e-mail or home mail by visiting the Jo-Ann website. From there, you can join the mailing list which includes coupons that will be sent to you by both paper mail and printable e-mail. These coupons are generally 40% – 50% off one single item coupons. They normally include a date range of 7-10 days. However, they are sent fairly often. This is one of the best ways to obtain coupons as once you are on the mailing list you will be sent coupons in a variety of methods on a regular basis. Furthermore, along with coupons, you will be updated on any existing sales. Also, these coupons can be used on-line or in stores.

Keep in mind that Jo-Ann does not allow coupons to be used if an item is already on sale and coupons are limited to one item, not the entire sale price.

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