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Marshalls Background Information

Marshalls is an American clothing chain that is owned by TJX companies. With over 750 stores in the country, Marshalls offers name brand clothing at a discounted price. Marshalls is the second largest discount clothing chain in the US, only seconded by TJ Maxx, a sister company. Marshalls was founded in 1956 by Alfred Marshall and began its climb to the top. In 1995, Marshalls was bought out by TJX, the parent company of its rival, TJ Maxx, for 606 million dollars. Marshalls also gives proceeds to many charities such as domestic violence prevention, United Way and the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.

Marshalls is a great way to save on discount clothing. Many brands like Polo, Nautica and Calvin Klein can be found for half the price that they would be in conventional clothing stores. In this digital age, you can even follow them through Facebook and Twitter.

Promotional Discounts, Coupon Codes, and Deals for Marshalls

Marshalls offers customers a great way to save money while their looking for high fashion. Whether it be a job interview, a wedding or you’re just looking for a great new shirt, Marshalls has you covered. However, they don’t just sell clothing. When you step into a Marshalls store, you can find great deals on linens, perfume and cologne or even toys for your pets.

So how do you save even more money on an already discounted price? There are several ways. The first way is through their Corporate Rewards card. For the first purchase that you make, you get ten percent off. This card is also good at TJ Maxx, HomeGoods, and AJ Wright stores. Every time that you present this card and make a purchase, you will get 5 points for every dollars spent. When you reach 1000 points, you can receive a ten-dollar gift certificate. This gift certificate is good at Marshalls, TJ Maxx, HomeGoods and AJ Wright stores. That is basically ten dollars for every two hundred dollars you spend in the store.

Additional Ways to Save

Another way that you can save money is by enrolling in their TJX Mastercard Rewards Card. This card is linked to a Mastercard account so you can enjoy the flexibility of using it at the grocery store or a movie theatre and still earn points towards any of the four stores in the TJX Corporation. With a TJX Mastercard Rewards Card, you will earn one point for every dollar that you spend on the card. So you’re getting money toward Marshalls, TJ Maxx, HomeGoods and AJ Wright every time you make a purchase with that card.

Both of these cards are a great way to save money while already saving money by shopping at Marshalls. If you would like to apply for either of these cards, visit the Marshalls website. They are both free and you’ll feel great about when you see the savings pile in.

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