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Payless ShoeSource is the biggest footwear retail store in America. This corporation owns and runs approximately 4,700 shoe centers in every state of America, in addition to Guam, the U.S. Virgin Islands, Central America, Japan, Saipan, Puerto Rico, Canada, the Caribbean islands and Ecuador. Payless ShoeSource is an internationally acclaimed success that has been around for many years, and will most likely run for as long as people are in need of shoes! You can also find the Payless retailer at their online store (

Payless ShoeSource has built up their great success by providing customers with an extensive collection of footwear at incredibly inexpensive prices. In fact, the majority of their shoes are available at less than $16 a pair. Payless Shoesource has managed to effectively preserve such reasonable prices for its customers by adhering to their unique self-service store layout, maintaining a firm restraint on the budget of building costs and only implementing the most proficient tracking and stocking regulators. More than anything else, Payless ShoeSource is known for its wide variety in shoe designs for both men and women, although women tend to make up a larger percentage of the shoppers who go there.

Payless ShoeSource also makes it their priority to aim advertisements at their largest group of customers, which so happens to be the female populace. The majority of Payless ShoeSource’s customers are women ranging from the age of 18 up to 44 years old, having annual household incomes that fall beneath an estimated $75,000. It is projected that 40% of the females within this specific clique will purchase a minimum of one set of shoes at a Payless ShoeSource store during any given year. In the year 1979, the May Department Stores Company obtained ownership of the Payless ShoeSource corporation. Payless was a division of May until 1996. It was then that the company was divided off to May investors, and it became a sovereign, publicly traded organization.

How did Payless ShoeSource get its start? It all began in 1956 when two Topeka, Kansas, residents named Louis and Shaol Pozez decided that they wanted to open up their own self-service store that sold shoes at discount prices. When the store experienced a significant amount of success, they extended their store into Texas, Oklahoma and Nebraska. By 1960, there were twelve brand new stores open to the American public. Initially, the Payless store was conceived to uphold low prices. The very first stores were set up in former food outlets. The original fixtures were swapped with plain, unfurnished wooden shelves that were mainly built by store owners. The self-service layout used in stores enabled Payless to regulate workers. Typically, only one manager with one or two clerks would work at one time. This straightforward slant to business allowed the price for a set of shoes in the first Payless stores to sit at $3.00.

Ways to Find Special Deals, Coupon Codes, and Discounts for Payless

Many people appreciated this simple, economical and inexpensive way to shop for shoes, and this is what ultimately lead to the success that Payless ShoeSource has today. They even offer coupons to make your purchase at Payless an even greater experience for you and also considerably easier on your wallet. As of today, Payless ShoeSource is offering coupons online (restrictions apply) for customers to take advantage of. The most popular online coupon code right now is their 20% off discount for any purchase. The code for this coupon is 30445. There are also various gift cards available for purchase that you can obtain at as much as 15% off the original price. Make sure that you shop at Payless ShoeSource today!

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