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The Men’s Wearhouse: A History Of Success

The Men’s Wearhouse is a company that has been serving the public with its quality products for decades. It started in 1971 when George Zimmer went to work with his father in Hong Kong at a coat manufacturing business. George then opened his own store with some college roommates, with very little money in 1973. That first store was in Houston, Texas. They must have been successful, because another store opened in 1974. This was the beginning of a business that would see much success over the decades as more and more stores opened. By the end of the 1980’s there were stores in the Pacific Northwest, The Southwest, and the Midwest. In 1990 they had stores from one coast to the other, with sales revenues exceeding 1 billion dollars. In this past decade they have continued to succeed with tuxedo rentals and opening a dry cleaning business.

They are a company that cares for its workers. They have made Fortune Magazine’s top 100 companies to work for list over a half dozen times. They are a company that cares for the community. Every September the Men’s Wearhouse has a national suit drive where they work closely with over 200 nonprofit organizations and donate suits to men who are looking for a job and who are struggling financially. These men are able to wear nice suits to go out and look for a job. The Men’s Wearhouse also supports their local nonprofit organizations by volunteering and donating gift cards.

Their products are of the highest quality. They sell suits, shoes, ties and accessories for every occasion. They have formalwear, travel wares, sports coats, slacks, and more. They have all of the top name brands – Joseph Abound, Kenneth Cole, Jones New York, and others. They also have a big and tall section to provide suits for every size.

Find Savings Online With Coupon Codes and Discounts for the Men’s Wearhouse

They are always looking for a way to outfit everyone with a nice look. There are always discounts and sale prices to be found on their site. At

Right now at their site you can take 50% off of all suits and sports coats. Men’s Wearhouse also has another way to save, with their Perfect Fit Rewards program where you will get a 50$ reward certificate for every $500 you spend. Other benefits are included.
The Men’s Wearhouse has been around for decades. It has a rich history of helping others and providing quality made suits and other accessories for many people. George Zimmer speaks with confidence when he says “You’re going to like the way you feel, I guarantee it” and he says it with the history to back it up. The Men’s Wearhouse has a rich history of success.

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