Febreze Coupons

Febreeze Coupons

Learn About Febreze Products

Febreze was developed by Proctor & Gamble and was first introduced in 1998. The active ingredient in febreze is a “donut-like” shaped molecule called beta-cyclodextrin. This is a naturally occurring plant based molecule that bind hydro-carbonic compounds within the hole in its middle. In layman’s terms, when the molecules come in contact with smell particles, the particles become trapped within the molecule. When the molecule dries, the smell vanishes. When it was first introduced on the market, it was the first product of its kind and it created an entirely new fabric care category. Febreze is now offered in different scents, such as the original scent, Citrus and Light, Linen and Sky, Meadows and Rain, Spring and Renewal, Mint and Refresh, Hawaiian Aloha and Thai Dragon Fruit. The Febreze fabric care line also includes the Antibacterial, which eliminates odor-causing bacteria from fabric, the Allergen Reducer, which reduces 75% of allergens from pets and dust mites, and the Febreze Auto, which is specially designed for use on car fabrics such as the seats or carpets.

In 2004, Febreze innovated once more and entered 2 new products into the air care market: Febreze Air Effects and Febreze Scentstories. Air Effects eliminates odors in the air and leaves a light scent, and is offered in different scents, such as Citrus and Light, Linen and Sky, Meadows and Rain, Spring and Renewal, Mint and Refresh, Linen and Sky, Summer and Splash, Apple Spice and Delight, Hawaiian Aloha, Brazilian Carnaval, Moroccan Bazaar and Thai Dragon Fruit. Febreze Scentstories is a small appliance that uses disks infused with 5 different scents. It changes between the scents every half hour, and it is offered in five different “stories”: Wandering Barefoot on the Shore, Strolling Through the Garden, Relaxing in the Hammock, Shades of Vanilla and On a Tropical Island.

In 2006, Febreze launched the NOTICEables line. These plug-in oil warmers accommodate 2 scents, and alternates between the 2 scents throughout the day. These scents include Lavender Comfort & Gentle Vanilla, Vanilla Refresh and Vanilla Bean, Relaxing Night & Delightful Dreams, Enchanted Evenings & Renewed Spirits, Hawaiian Aloha, Clean Citrus & Citrus Spray, Pure Refreshment & Summer Storm, Clothesline Breeze & Meadow Song, Morning Walk & Cleaning Rain, Verry Paradise & Melon Mist, Calypso Breeze & Hawaiian Paradise, Hawaiian Aloha (Hibiscus & Rainforest), Moroccan Bazaar (Ginger & Nutmeg) and Thai Dragon Fruit & Moonflower.

New Febreze Products

Febreze now offers candles lasting up to 30 hours. They are available in 9 scents, including the Pet Odor Eliminator. In 2009, the Febreze Home Collection was launched, featuring products such as the Flameless Luminary, Scented Reed Diffuser, Soy Blend Candles and Room Spray. This line is available in 3 different scents. They also launched the Febreze Extreme Odor Eliminator, which is specially formulated to eliminate sweat odors on Gear, apparel and shoes. Febreze is now also partnered with Tide to offer laundry detergent with Febreze, offered in 3 scents. Another new product offered is the Bounce with Febreze, also available in 3 scents. Recently, P&G launched the new Febreze Professional Strength Laundry Odor Eliminator.

Febreze Coupon Codes, Discounts, and Special Savings

The best place to find Febreze coupons is on the Febreze website. On the bottom right, click on the febreze bottle. It will bring you to the Home Made Simple sign-up form. Just complete the form and they will mail you a booklet containing over $30 in coupons. For a Febreze Laundry Odor Eliminator coupon, go here. They offer a $2 off coupon that you can either print at home or receive by mail. Right now, these are the only 2 sites offering coupons for Febreze product. You should check the coupon sites regularly as new coupons are offered often.

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