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William Proctor, born in England, and James Gamble of Enniskillen, Ireland, both immigrated to the United States. While they had never met before, they both settled in Cincinnati, Ohio. It was here that the men’s fates crossed when they married the Norris sisters, Olivia and Elizabeth. These two unions created one of the strongest industrial marriages in the history of the United States.

It was their father-in-law, Alexander Norris, who suggested they start a business together, combining the talents of the two men. Proctor, with his background in candle making, and Gamble, a soap maker, took the idea and pooled their resources. They formalized their relationship and Proctor & Gamble was born on Halloween, October 31, 1837.

By the time of the Civil War, Proctor & Gamble has already grossed over one million dollars in sales and employed over eighty employees. While the conflict between the states raged on, Proctor & Gamble won contracts to supply the Union Army with soap and candles. The soldiers of the Union Army, once the war was over, returned home and continued to use the products they had come to know during their service to their country.

In the 1880s, Proctor & Gamble developed an inexpensive, high quality soap they called Ivory. Through the decades, the company would release products — Tide, Bounce, Crisco, Pampers, Prell Shampoo, and Crest toothpaste — that, along with Ivory soap, have become a part of America’s product landscape.

The company was also recognized for its progressive work environment in the late nineteenth century. They were one of the first to acknowledge the rights of workers and established a profit-sharing program for their workforce as early as 1887. They were pioneers in the fields of laboratory research, consumer needs and expansion of product appeal. Interestingly, because P&G became sponsors of early serial radio programming, a new phrase “soap opera” entered into the American lexicon.

Throughout the twentieth century, Procter & Gamble moved into other countries, becoming an international corporation. They acquired Charmin Paper Mills in 1957, followed by acquisitions that included Folgers Coffee, Norwich Eaton Pharmaceuticals, Richardson-Vicks, Noxell, Shultons Old Spice, Max Factor, and the Iams Company, among others.

One of Proctor & Gamble’s most popular products is Gain laundry detergent. Gain detergent was introduced to the American market in the 1960’s as an enzyme-driven stain removal detergent. In 1981, P&G repositioned Gain for its fresh scent. Today Gain has its own website dedicated to the scent experience. P&G introduced Gain Joyful Expressions in February 2006 and this scent line pushed sales over the billion-dollar mark.

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