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Bed, Bath & Beyond: Forward Thinking Company with Exceptional Coupons

The year was 1971 and Bed Bath & Beyond’s co-founders, Warren Eisenberg and Leonard Feinstein, were on-the-scene observers of the decline of the big department store. A brainstorming session between the two seasoned retail executives lead to the creation of a specialty store called Bed & Bath Inc. Over the course of almost 30 years, the pair have built one of the largest retail chains of home furnishings and housewares. Publicly traded since 1992, Bed, Bath & Beyond (NASDAQ: BBBY) now owns and operates over 800 stores featuring medium to high end merchandise including bathroom furnishings, dining room dishware and linens, pillows and bed coverings, small kitchen and household appliances, giftware and health and beauty care items.

The store’s success can be attributed to the novel approach taken by Eisenberg and Feinstein. The corporation is run out of two headquarters. Eisenberg mans the finance and real estate departments from Union, New Jersey while Feinstein oversees the buying end of the operation from Farmingdale, Long Island, N.Y. They stay on top of the situation with daily phone calls and a weekly meet in Manhattan.

They also take risks with locations, merchandise warehousing and manager autonomy. Bed Bath & Beyond store managers make their own decisions about their individual store‘s stock and display. The company has no central warehouse and merchandise is shipped directly to the stores where it is stacked from floor to ceiling. The duo is actively involved in choosing store locations and, with no central warehouse, often choose locations that skeptics doom to failure. When they opened the Manhattan store in 1992, there were no other retailers at the location. Today, the Manhattan store anchors a shopping hub and is one of Bed, Bath & Beyond’s top-performing locations and was expanded recently to a whopping 100,000 square feet.

Besides their savvy management of inventory and location, the pair spends very little money on advertising, only about half of what their competitors spend. Instead, they rely on low prices, exceptional coupons and excellent customer service to bring patrons back again and again.

The customer service staff at Bed, Bath & Beyond are knowledgeable, friendly and committed to local wants and needs. Typically, you might find portables fans selling in Arizona and warm winter blankets selling in New York, both in the month of November.

Their coupon policy is both generous and liberal. Almost all of the stores will accept expired and competitor’s coupons. In some locations, a customer is allowed to “stack” coupons. This is the policy of using up to five coupons for a percentage off the five highest priced items of a purchase.

Get Promotional Discounts, Deals, and Coupon Codes for Bed, Bath, and beyond

The most efficient way to get the best coupons for Bed, Bath & Beyond is either sign up online or join the mailing list in a local store. The most easily recognizable coupon is the official 20% off coupon. These will usually arrive every month and are delivered direct to a customer’s mailbox. They also mail out seasonal circulars and postcards with 5% to 15% off purchase coupons.

The online coupons are considered “savings certificates” by the company and are handled differently in the stores. They are used in the same manner but a few more restrictions apply. The local Bed, Bath & Beyond stores will accept the online coupons, but they cannot be stacked. The stores will do the very best for their customers but prefer to have them honor the expiration dates and use only one coupon for each visit.

Additional sources are available online for Bed, Bath & Beyond coupons.

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