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Quilted Northern Bath Tissue is made by Georgia Pacific, founded in 1927. They manufacture pulp, paper, tissue, packaging, and related items in the forest products industry across the world. However, the name Northern was adopted 1901 by the group of investors who built the first mill on Day Street in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

In the first year of operation, Northern’s 25 employees produced thier primary product called Sanitary Tissue. Each package contained one thousand individual sheets of tissue, 4×10 inches. They pierced each bundle with a wire loop so it could be hung from a nail in the outhouse.

Today approximately the Broadway Street plant in Green Bay employs approximately 2,400 people and the Day Street plant still employs 400 manufacturing people.

In 2008, Georgia Pacific introduced their new, improved, 3-ply Quilted Northern Ultra Plush bath tissue. They now quilt two layers for fluffier softness, and the added layer is for the purpose of greater strength and better absorbency. The regular 2-ply tissue is being discontinued.

Being an environmentally conscious company, they were able to keep the amount of pulp used to manufacture the Ultra Plush variety the same as what they used for the previous Soft & Strong version by narrowing the size of the roll. This also means they cut down the amount of packaging needed. This means a smaller shipping box size, thereby creating greater efficiency in transportation costs. This tissue is 100% biodegradable and safe for septic systems.

How to Find Discounts, Promotional Deals, and Coupon Codes for Quilted Northern

On the official web page of Quilted Northern Ultra Plush bath tissue Georgia Pacific is offering their “Plush Comfort Challenge.” You can try their new 3-ply bath tissue, and if you aren’t delighted with the product, they’ll give you your money back. The site gives you instructions on how to receive your refund, what to send, and where to send it.

You can find some great deals by purchasing Quilted Northern Ultra Plush online.

Georgia Pacific has been advertising their new Ultra Plush by offering coupons in the coupon insert of the major city newspapers. This will be the easiest place for you to find coupons. These are substantial and usually offer $1.00 off one 6-double roll package or larger. Look for these coupons at a rate of approximately every two weeks.

Unfortunately, online coupons are more obscure to find these days. The same deal of $1.00 off one 6-double roll package or larger can be found, but only on coupon club sites and can only be acquired and printed by members of the specific sites.

As more and more chain grocery stores offer savings cards that with a simple swipe the customer is awarded automatic “coupon” savings, paper coupons are being used less. Take advantage of these savings while they are still available. Commodities like bath tissue are necessities, and if you can save money on them, it is wise to stock up on them. Your money will go farther, and you’ll never be caught short.

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