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Sherwin Williams is a fortune 500 company that produces and sells various paints and other coatings to retail, business, and commercial customers. The company was started by two men, Edward Williams and Henry Sherwin in 1866, so Sherwin Williams has had a long time to evolve into the company that now has four segments: an international coating business, automobile finishing, consumer coatings, and retail stores. Sherwin Williams has been named as one of the best places to work in several recent surveys.

Over 3000 Sherwin Williams stores are in operation right now, testifying to the ongoing appeal of the Sherwin Williams brand. The “Ask Sherwin Williams” motto has gained widespread recognition from Sherwin Williams advertising. Sherwin Williams continues to hold high ethical standards and professionalism that maintains its loyal customer base.

Sherwin Williams has a variety of standard and environmentally safe products marketed to consumers at their retail locations. From paints, stains, wallpapers, and all the tools you need to apply them and clean up from them, Sherwin Williams has all the answers. You can also get advice from the professional staffers in their stores so that you get the best products that will fit your needs. You can also get instructions for using Sherwin Williams products by visiting its Web site. If you’re not sure what tools and methods you need to use to paint your interior or exterior walls, stain furniture, or hang wallpaper, Sherwin Williams will show you how to do it.

Sherwin Williams has made it a priority to stay connected with the communities it serves. From maintaining safe and diverse workplaces to its work creating and maintaining a sustainable corporate model, preserving and maintaining the environment and contributing to those who want to cooperate in the effort of making a better world. One of the most important ways Sherwin Williams makes a difference is by maintaining nationwide programs that train unemployed people in inner cities to become professional painters, equipping them to become self-supporting and self-sustaining. Other community efforts supported by Sherwin Williams include earthquake relief, restoration of the Gettysburg visitor center, anti-graffiti efforts, and a variety of efforts at America’s national parks.

Another key area where Sherwin Williams demonstrates its good corporate citizenship is by supporting its employees and families that are involved with United States’ military missions.

How to Find Discounts, Promotional Deals, and Coupon Codes for Sherwin Williams

When looking for Sherwin Williams coupons, you should begin your search at the Sherwin Williams Web site at Occasionally you will find printable Sherwin Williams coupons at You can also look on third party coupon sites on the Internet. Local advertising on radio, television, and newspapers are also good places to locate Sherwin Williams specials, promotions, and coupons. Of course, you can always visit your nearest Sherwin Williams store to check their in-store circular for coupons and special deals.

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