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IKEA’s History

Perhaps one of the most critically acclaimed and popular venues at which customers may purchase various traditional and unique bits of furniture, IKEA has a long history attached to it. To be precise, this privately owned retailer that is internationally renowned is a long time seller of flat pack furniture, kitchen and bathroom items, accessories, as well as more. All of these generally cost a bundle at other retailers, but IKEA’s well served purpose is to offer these goods at an affordable price for everyone to purchase.

Ingvar Kamprad of Sweden founded the company at the age of seventeen in the year of 1943. The name of the company is an acronym made of his own name, the city in which he grew up, as well as his home parish; Ingvar Kamprad who grew up in Elmtaryd and whose home parish was Agunnaryd.

IKEA Products
IKEA offers something unique to the other major retailers that seems to be a more favorable option among others in that it sells flat pack furniture that requires self assembly; generally nothing from the warehouses come assembled, outside of the as is section which contains some sort of physical trauma, no matter how tiny. Also, some of the pieces are so unique to other retailers’ versions that it could very well be viewed as artistic pieces, so to speak.

However, as well renowned and as well received as the company is, sometimes a few pieces here and there may not fit correctly, though this is entirely to be expected in an instance of mass production of a product; nobody is perfect and something is bound to go wrong.

Promotional Discounts, Coupon Codes, and Deals on IKEA

The Dutch owned company sends an annual catalog to its potential customers in the mail for absolutely no charge in order to show them the latest fashionable and unique styles of furniture they have to offer. It is a commonly loved thing within the community, many claiming that they truly enjoy viewing the catalog and getting ideas for renovating the household or for simply picking up a new couch, or whatever holds their interest at the time.

Coupons are not commonly found for the retailer, but when they are, they are usually found at the company’s main website. However, there are a number of deals that may come up at any given time which include offers such as a free mattress removal upon the purchase of a new one, free delivery over a certain amount in purchase, as well as the dropping of some prices for the sake of a sale. All of these are typically found at the retailer’s main Special Offers page.

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