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Hefty offers products that are useful around the entire house. Their wide variety of helpful products make tasks from cooking to cleaning up easier than ever. Keep fruits and vegetable fresh longer with Hefty Fresh Extend bags. Cook everything from casseroles to cakes in Hefty EZ Foil pans and throw the mess away. Helpful items such as disposable plates, cups, and cutlery reduce the time you must spend cleaning up after having fun and increase the amount of time you can spend having fun! Disposable bags of all sizes can help with organization of items, traveling, and storing items of all types, shapes, and sizes.

Not only is Hefty the best and most convenient brand of disposable products on the market, its products are widely available. Nationwide retailers carry a wide range of Hefty products for very reasonable prices. Hefty coupons can be found in a variety of places to bring the price of Hefty products even lower for an even better value.

The easiest and most convenient place that Hefty coupons can be found is on the product. These types of coupons are called “peelies” and can be used instantly. They are located on the outside of the product and can be peeled off at the time of purchase to reduce the price.

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Some retailers send mailers with Hefty coupons to their shoppers’ homes. Examples of retailers that have sent coupons out in mailers or distributed coupons in newspapers are Publix and Family Dollar. The coupons distributed by retailers are generally manufacturer’s coupons and can be used at any retailer, even if the logo of a specific retailer is printed on the coupon. The key to knowing where the coupon can be used is at the top of the coupon, near the expiration date. If the coupon reads “Manufacturer’s Coupon” you can use it at any retailer that accepts coupons.

Coupons for Hefty products are also distributed by companies that compile manufacturer’s coupons and include them in the Sunday edition of many newspapers. Smart Source and RedPlum are the coupon distributors that usually publish Hefty coupons. Those coupon inserts can be found in the Sunday edition of the newspaper most Sundays. Most retailers will accept printed coupons, but some may not. Each retailer’s coupon policy can be found on the retailer’s website and should state whether or not printed coupons are accepted by that retailer.

When retailers run special promotions, many items such as Hefty products can be purchased at half the regularly marked price. Retailers such as Kroger sometimes run a promotion in which you must buy a specified number of participating items to receive a discount at the register. These discounts usually amount to $.30 to $.50 off each participating item. As a bonus the participating products are often on sale, so the price is already lower than normal. Combining coupons with these sale prices and adding the additional promotional discount will potentially bring the items to half their regularly marked price. It’s worth it to keep your eyes on the sales and the available coupons. When the prices for certain items are at their lowest, it’s time to stock up and purchase enough to last until the next big sale.

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