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Movies are more available on-line and through digital cable than at any other time in the history of film. The changing way in which Americans watch movies has affected the industry and their pricing schematics. Inflated cinema pricing options for movies and food has driven many consumers away from the theaters to the comfort of their own homes. Movies are a welcome escape through times of financial difficulty and, despite their relative high pricing, maintain a reasonably consistent attendance. The main threat to the movie industry is availability of newer releases through pay-per-view systems or internet movie viewing sites.

Movie theaters have become common as second-run facilities, offering movies that are no longer playing in the new release screens. Second-run movies afford the viewer a chance to watch on the big screen without paying the price of admission at a major-chain theater. Second-run movies eliminate some of the profit lost by movie theaters through the early releases of films DVDs and pay-per-view, though there is still much room for additional revenue to be gained by getting customers inside the doors of the theater in hopes they will become return customers and frequent the food and beverage options.

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Movie ticket coupons are available through a number of resources, many of which offer printable options on-line. Local websites and publications will often have offers for theaters in their area. The large number of movie theaters running multiple new release movies at one time creates a need for competitive pricing. It is imperative for the life of a theater that new customers are brought in to complement any fan base that exists through loyalty or regular movie viewing habits.

Many movie theaters or chains offer discount programs with a membership to that particular chain of theaters. Movie theater membership options vary greatly but can pay off in terms of free food and beverage rewards, or a free film after a predetermined number of tickets has been met. The wide variety of pricing options for membership programs and the benefits they offer in the initial period of enrollment drives many regular movie viewers to this method for discounts, though the intermittent moviegoer is less likely to pursue such an option.

In addition to discounted coupons offered by the theaters in which a movie may be shown, movie offers extend to the movies themselves through promotional advertising and previous purchases from the same production house. Companies such as Disney offer rewards through points programs. Points can be accumulated by purchasing DVD’s or other Disney products, and can be used towards the purchase of a newly released movie. DVD boxes will usually contain a reference to any such program on the outside of the box, a marketing tool effective in generating the purchase of the DVD as well as viewership of a movie yet to be released.

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