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The number of prescriptions for Advair inhaler and Advair diskus units has surged due to both the effectiveness of the drug and an increase in the budget for advertising implemented by the manufacturer. GlaxoSmithKline, one of the United States’ most successful producers of pharmaceuticals, has stepped up the visibility of Advair to expose more sufferers of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease and asthma.

Coupons for prescription medications are commonly offered through the offices of a physician. Previous purchases of the same product may contain paper rebates to be mailed to the manufacturer, and many internet coupon houses offer printable options on-line. High profitability margins from the sale of prescription medications has generated a high number of fraudulent and illegitimate outfits offering both discounts and the products themselves, so consumers should be alert to any questionable offers or promises.

Advair is intended to prove lung function in a manner that prevents asthma attacks from occurring and aids in the overall respiratory health of COPD sufferers. The combination of conditions Advair targets has resulted in a number of different dosages and prescribed inhalations for patients. Fluticasone and salmeterol are the main chemical components in Advair, each with a specific function. Fluticasone, a steroid, helps to reduce inflammation occurring in the body while salmeterol, the bronchodilator, relaxes muscles in the chest and lungs to open airways for improved breathing.

How to Get Coupon Codes and Promotional Savings on Advair Products

Respiratory medications have a tendency to run extremely high costs out of pocket, without insurance. For those patients who do not carry a decent health or prescription insurance, it may be necessary to obtain coupons for the purchase of discounted inhalers or diskus devices. Most of the major drug manufacturers offer patients of their medications an opportunity to purchase the product at a lower rate if the discount implies another customer.

GlaxoSmithKline has created a website,, which links to coupons and rebate information for users of the medication. In addition to the coupons offered on the manufacturer’s website, physician’s office also come across discount vouchers when they make purchasers from the pharmaceutical representatives who sell to their practice. Patients receiving a prescription for medication during an office visit should inquire to the physician or nurse regarding the availability of coupons for the medication they are being prescribed.

Other Ways to Save

Advair coupons are also available through many other channels, aside from the medical office and manufacturer. There are hundreds of sites promoting printable internet coupons for popular prescription medications. There are number of websites dedicated to the treatment of both asthma and COPC which will contain links to coupon programs for patients who present a prescription at the pharmacy. First time users of the medication might qualify for trial periods of either 30 or 90 days to see if the product is something they would benefit from using long-term.

One site offering coupons for a free trial period of the medication is Patients who have taken Advair in the past may be able to find offers in the literature of their prescription package for a rebate on their next purchase, or the pharmacy may provide them a discount voucher recommended to be distributed by the manufacturer with retail pharmacy purchases.

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