Enterprise Car Rental Coupons


Enterprise Car History

Enterprise grew from a small operation of 7 cars to represent part of North America’s largest rental car corporation. Enterprise is present with access to more than 90% of the citizens of the United States. The presence and availability of Enterprise to potential consumers has benefited the business in the way of word of mouth advertising and business options for growth.

Enterprise grew from a simple rental outfit to a corporation now that offers many different services, including the purchase of automobiles formerly used in the rental fleet. There have been many changes in the desires of travel for both leisure and business reasons, causing the use of automobiles and airplanes to ebb and flow in demand. Enterprise is attempting to accommodate the needs of today’s traveler or their supporting employer in a fashion that drives business steadily upward from any lull caused by the down economy.

Discounts, Special Coupons & Special Codes for Enterprise

Business travelers represent a large percentage of Enterprise’s client base. Many businesses consider enterprise a preferred partner for their traveling employees. The preferred partner arrangement usually results in a lesser fee on behalf of the business partner for driving its employees towards a rental car from Enterprise. When the business traveler’s reputation took a hit due to the careless habits of a few chief operating officers, many corporations cut back on trips and travel. The drop in travel instigated by the tumbling economy created urgency among car rental companies, airlines and the hotel industry to create offers for luring new business. New business helps to revitalize the rental car industry, but the support for companies like Enterprise comes largely from repeat customers who have frequented the service for years.

Types of Rentals Available

Enterprise cars vary in model and represent many different styles. The movement of energy-efficiency has driven Americans to pursue responsible options be it at home or on the road. Hybrid cars are more popular on the streets than at any time before, creating a desire by more Americans to see the hybrid options when they use rental car services. Enterprise keeps current with the demands of its potential clientele by regularly integrating new models into their rental car line. Hybrids, compacts cars, luxury cars and vehicles capable of seating large numbers are all options for customers of Enterprise.

Car rental prices will range in cost by significant numbers depending on special demands or itinerary. Enterprise car rental coupons are an effective tool in achieving discounted rates for a rental. Coupons are available from many travel agencies as part of trip packages, through publications specializing in travel or business services and on-line through a number of vendors. Coupon sites on the internet commonly sought for travel-related discounts offer printable coupons for most car rental locations. Some of the more popular sites, such as www.neotravel.com, www.travelsuperlink.com and www.rentalcarmomma.com, offer a variety of discounts to be used in printable form or as codes for implementation when checking out on-line.

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