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Without vehicles, our society would be drastically different. Not being able to quickly relocate ourselves and traverse vast distances was once second nature to mankind, but since the late 1920s, the need to plan travel time for trips around the schedule of trains or carriages has disappeared. Now, however, when one’s vehicle breaks down its as though the person is back in the wilderness, completely boggled by the fact that their car could have stopped working. But of course, with the car came various types of car repair centers. One of which is the fast oil change and lubrication centers. One of the better fast oil change companies, despite its relative newcomer status, is EZ Lube.

EZ Lube was founded in 1988 by Rick Teasta and Mike Dobson, and the company is still California centric, with over 82 locations from Bakersfield, to Pasadena and Northridge. The company has seen quite a growth since its inception at Santa Ana, both in revenue and in the amount of oil changes that it performs- now in the thousands of daily fast oil changes, and reaching into the millions on a yearly basis! If a fact like that wasn’t shocking enough, EZ Lube has a nice penchant for doing something only larger companies usually do- offering coupons! EZ Lube coupons aren’t rare, and yet they are good offering a wide variety of deals. But where do you get these EZ Lube coupons?

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Well, the first place to check out if you’re a resident near a location is in local booklets and magazines. Many EZ Lube coupons can be found in monthly coupon packs or within magazines offline. You can also try looking through the actual EZ Lube facility the next time you visit. Although sometimes you won’t manage to acquire an EZ Lube coupon, it’s even simpler to find them online, so you won’t have to stress about missing out. EZ Lube coupons are available at Ezlube.com. Yes, it’s that simple to find them, just type the website into your browser and there are usually various deals and coupons advertised on the front page, but if not, check the “Special Offers” tab.

The current EZ Lube coupon, depending on your time of reading this, is for a full service oil change for only $25 or a full service oil change AND tire rotation for only $39.99, if you simply enter in your email address. Considering EZ Lube offers free Wi-Fi, you can even grab the coupon at one of their own locations! Entering in your email address also allows the company to follow up and send more offers, it’s basically a rewards club for EZ Lube coupons (not to be confused with the VIP club). Another place to find online EZ Lube coupons is Ezlubeonline.com, which uses the current coupons for the homepage of the site. You can simply print off the coupon from EZ Lube online, instead of entering your email address, however.

EZ Lube has certainly grown since its inception in the late 80s. Many people would consider its growth too astounding- not only has the company gathered up 82 separate locations across southern California, but its also serving thousands every day, and its founders were honored in the Orange County Business Journal for their entrepreneurial excellence in 2006. One thing is for certain, if EZ Lube coupons don’t impress you, at least the company’s strong background should. There are truly few companies that are as committed as EZ Lube to fast oil changes!

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