Peter Piper Pizza Coupons

Coupons for Peter Piper Pizza

Company History

Peter Piper Pizza has been a hit with visitors every since Tony Cavolo opened the first restaurant in 1973. The flagship restaurant in Glendale (which is still open today) began as a 4,000 square foot discount pizza joint. The main goal was to sell great-tasting pizza at a...

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Gatorade Coupons

Gatorade Printable Coupons

The Gatorade Brand

Manufactured by PepsiCo, Gatorade is a world phenomenon, distributed in over 80 countries. In 1965, Gatorade was developed at the University of Florida by researchers to restore the electrolytes and carbohydrates depleted during sports activity and other forms of high level physical exertion. The now famous sports drink was...

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Mucinex Coupons


History of Mucinex

Those of us prone to frequent chest colds, particularly in the frigid winter months, are no doubt very familiar with the expectorant Mucinex. Marketed by Reckitt Benckiser, Inc., Mucinex helps break up the mucus that can settle deep in the lungs during a cold or flu. The theory...

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Navy Pier Coupons

Background Information on Navy Pier

Navy Pier, Chicagoland’s historic lakefront center for entertainment, amusements, and art, is a perfect family day any time of the year. Extending into Lake Michigan, Navy Pier is a tradition that builds memories for all those who visit. Pier Park, an outdoor amusement park, features classic rides...

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Victoria’s Secret Coupons

History of Victoria's Secret

Founded in the late 1970s out of San Francisco California, Victoria’s Secret is currently the largest specialty lingerie retailer in America. Victoria’s Secret was designed to give a shopping experience the exact opposite of department stores- dim lights, elegant design features, and lingerie carefully displayed in sets...

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Swanson Chicken Broth Coupons

History of Swanson Chicken Broth

A man named Carl Swanson immigrated to America in 1896. He could not speak any English. By 1949, though, he’d built one of America's biggest food processing plants. Two years later his sons introduced a high-quality chicken pot pie frozen dinner to Americans. In 1953 Swanson...

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TJ Maxx Coupons

T.J. Maxx Company History

TJX Companies owns and operates the discount department store T.J. Maxx. With over 800 stores throughout the nation, designer fashions are made affordable with their discount prices. Most products in the store are anywhere from 20-60% off the typical retail price of the item. The TJX Companies...

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Smokey Bones Coupons

The History of Smokey Bones

Beginning in 1999, Smokey Bones coupons for discounts on meals, free appetizers or kids meals began showing up in the Orlando area newspapers and advertising mailers. Advertising succulent fall-off-the-bone ribs, slow cooked brisket and skillet cornbread appetizers, the new Darden Restaurants brand was off to a...

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Ben and Jerry’s Coupons

Ben and Jerry's Background Information

When they hear the words “Ben and Jerry’s ice cream”, many people may think of frozen treats with colorful quirky names such as Cherry Garcia, or Chunky Monkey. However, this is more than just a company which makes ice cream, yogurt, sorbet, and frozen novelties. It...

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MAC Cosmetics Coupons

Mac Cosmetics

MAC Cosmetics History

Make-up Art Cosmetics, better known by the acronym MAC, is a cosmetics manufacturer known for its cutting edge flair, dynamic palettes, and superior quality products. The cutting-edge company was originally founded in the year 1984 by Frank Angelo and Frank Toskan, right in the heart of Toronto, Canada....

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