Zaxby’s Coupons


What is Zaxby’s?

Zaxby’s is not your typical fast food restaurant. For the last 20 years the company has been producing great chicken based meals with a flavor that is to die for. Currently only in 12 states, most being in the south, Zaxby’s is expanding fast and should be nationwide very soon.

Zaxby’s is most famous for their spicy chicken dishes and great hot wings. They only serve chicken, but do so in a variety of dishes. Zaxby’s also offers a southern specialty: Fried Pickles. Common in the southern states, fried pickles are a delicacy that may sound weird, but are absolutely delicious. For a limited time, Zaxby’s is offering this treat.

Zaxby’s is a large sponsor of car racing. They have their own team and often run specials that are in conjunction with racing events. These coupons or specials can be found in the restaurant at various times of the race season.

Promotional Discounts, Coupon Codes, and Deals on Zaxby’s

Zaxby’s offers many coupon deals on their foods if you know where to look. When you are searching for coupons online you should begin with On the home site you will find coupon deals and the ability to sign up for two different membership clubs. These clubs provide you with discounts year round. Upon initial enrolment into the Zaxby Mail Club, you will receive a printable coupon for a free meal at your local restaurant. The Zaxby Kids Club will mail, coupons to your children for free meals and free cookies year round. Kids receive a free Zaby meal on their birthday as well as free cookies on holidays and back to school promotions.

A quick search of the internet may find more printable coupons for Zaxby’s, but most links take you back to the restaurants main site. Zaxby’s advertises more in the local market than they do online.

To find coupons in your area for Zaxby’s you should look in your local coupon books and in your mailbox. Zaxby’s is very good at mailing out coupons in advertising booklets. Zaxby;s also hands out coupons at local events and fairs. Since they are currently only in a limited area, Zaxby’s tries to drive as much business as possible to their stores by local means. Local classified ad papers are a great source for these coupons. Ad slicks that are passed out in local shops often contain a Zaby’s offer. If you look in any local newspaper you will be sure to find a coupon. Zaxby’s does not often advertise in the larger papers.

Coupons clubs, on or off line, are a great place to find Zaxby’s coupons. These clubs are a way for adamant coupon users to trade the coupons they do not use for the ones that they do want. Some of these clubs charge a small fee. Restaurant coupons are a very popular item in these clubs.

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