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White Castle History and Coupons

White Castle is a fast-food restaurant located in the United States of America. In addition, White Castle was the very first hamburger fast-food chain in America. They are known for their burgers, which are formed into small squares, and are sometimes referred to as “Slyders”. The burgers cost a meager five cents until the beginning of the 1940s. However, as time went by, their burgers increased in cost to ten cents, and began to shrink. During this time, they frequently offered coupons in the local newspaper for five burgers for ten cents, as long as the customer used the takeout option.

The restaurant was founded in 1921, and their first store was located in Wichita, Kansas. Billy Ingram and Walter A. Anderson founded the restaurant as a chain to change the perception of ground beef. During this period, Americans were hesitant to eat ground beef after a novel exposed the unhealthy sanitation conditions of the American meat packing industry. To combat this perception, White Castle restaurants had an exterior made of porcelain and stainless steel. In addition, their employees were required to wear spotless white uniforms.

Psychological Advantages

All of these factors added up to give the public a feeling of cleanliness while in the restaurant. The first restaurants in Wichita succeeded, so the company decided to increase the amount of restaurants in other parts of the country. In 1923, the company opened a store in Omaha, Nebraska, and in 1936, opened up another building in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The Minneapolis building was an example of the chain’s porcelain buildings. In addition, this building was built to resemble the Chicago Water Tower.

Walter Anderson is credited with inventing the hamburger bun, as well as many other inventions, such as the cook as an infinitely replaceable technician, and a kitchen assembly line. In addition, he is credited with starting the current fast-food phenomenon. The creators of white castle performed a feat in food service similar to what Henry Ford did in automobile manufacturing.

Anderson also pioneered the actual system of making hamburgers. His system involved using freshly ground beef and fresh onions, which further helped to purvey the company’s image of cleanliness. The beef was formed into small balls by a machine, which pushed out eighteen patties for every pound of beef. Then, the balls were put onto a grill and topped with onions. During cooking, the patties were turned upside-down and squished into a small patty.

Making the Burgers

Then, the bun would be placed on top of the cooking patty. This was a process that allowed the juices and aroma of the burger to permeate the bun, leading to that “fall apart in your mouth” taste and texture that the company has become so famous for having. Then, a dill pickle slice was place onto the patty before being served to the patrons. However, this process is not used by the restaurants today. Instead, they “steam cook” the patties on a grill, where no flipping is necessary. In addition, the company no longer uses fresh beef, instead opting for pre-frozen square patties. They now allow the patties to cook on a bed of onions, and have added five holes to speed up the cooking time.

Coupon Codes, Discounts, and Ways to Save at White Castle

Although White Castle’s prices are extremely competitive with other fast food chains, there is never any harm in saving money. Therefore, smart shoppers will always be on the lookout for ways to save on White Castle’s delicious hamburgers. Luckily, White Castle periodically sends out coupons through the mail. These coupons can offer users up to 40 percent off their entire White Castle purchase! In addition, White Castle’s website offers some great discounts.

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