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Vermont Country Store History

The Vermont country store began as a 36 product catalog mailed out to the Christmas card list of Vrest and Ellen Orton. 60 years later, The Vermont Country Store is still one of the most special stores in America. It is as modern as the internet, but retains its old-fashioned country store atmosphere. It is owned by Lyman Orton, the son of Vrest and Ellen Orton, and Lyman’s three sons Gardner, Cabot, and Eliot. That’s the present, though. The history of this little Vermont store goes back 100 years. Vrest Orton’s father opened a general store in 1897 and it left such an impression on young Vrest that he was inspired to open his own country store in 1946.

The Vermont country store opened in Weston Vermont in 1946 and it has been there ever since. Its catalog still ships today and its internet website is a tribute to the atmosphere of this specialty store.

Vermont Country Store Specialties

The Vermont country store is a specialty store, so everything in it is what might be considered a specialty product. The store’s goal is to provide country folks with goods they won’t find in other stores. They boast such products as a 36 pound wedge of cheese created from a 38 pound wagon wheel, an old time gum sampler, and a shampoo brand called “Gee your hair smells terrific.”

One of the grandest specialties you’ll find in the store is its candy collection. Nothing says country store like candy. They have a special selection of old-time candy that young and old will want to sample. They sell old gums like Clove, Beemans, and Black jack, classic candies like Lifesavers and Charms, and the old favorite novelty candies like hot dog bubble gum. If your child hasn’t tried hot dog bubble gum, it’s time. Order some today.

Seasonal Celebrations

The Vermont country store celebrates the traditional seasons: Spring, fall, winter, and summer. They roll out a new collection of items at the beginning of each season. At the time of this article, the new spring products have just arrived. The spring theme is based mostly in fashion and includes spring colors and patterns that will remind you of the old days. If shopping is a celebration, then shopping in spring at the Vermont Country Store is a great seasonal celebration.

Find Vermont Country Store Coupons, Promotional Discounts, and Special Savings

Vermont country store coupons can be found in local flyers. This won’t help you unless you’re in Weston or Rockingham, Vermont. Most people reading this will not be in either of those locations, so the best place for you to look for Vermont country store coupons is online. They have a permanent section called “Yankee Bargains” that advertise all products up to 70% off. The deal you get will vary, but the selection includes products from all Vermont country store departments. The final markdowns section features especially good bargains, but the selection is limited. Check the section often if you want to catch a sale. The items aren’t usually there for long.

There are online coupons websites that offer Vermont country store coupons, but many of these coupons expire so quickly it’s hard to find them in time to nab the offer. The Vermont country store official website has so many bargains on it that you probably won’t need other coupons for the store, but if you are a coupon junkie and have to have them, you can search online coupon sites. If you’re in Weston, Vermont or Rockingham, Vermont, you can expect the Orton Family to offer you sales through local newspapers and sales papers. The Orton family is always eager to give you things you can’t find anywhere else at the best prices possible.

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