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Venus Razor Background Information

Venus Razors often receive great reviews in beauty magazines and websites. They are one of the most popular, if not the most popular, women’s razor on the market. Shaving with Venus razors results in smooth and moisturized skin, advertised to make you feel like a goddess. Compared to other women’s razors, Venus razors are only slightly more expensive than some other brands, but Venus razor coupons make them very affordable.

Venus razors are part of the Gillette brand. They offer both disposable and refillable types of razors. All razors have no-slip grips on the handle, and all refillable razors come with convenient razor storage for in the shower.

There are four styles of refillable razors. The Venus Embrace Razor has five blades for the closest shave, and a ribbon of moisture that encourages a smooth glide over the skin. The Venus Spa Breeze has built in bars of shave gel, so there’s no need to lather up with shave gel before shaving. This razor also offers a smooth shave with three blades. The Venus Divine Razor has moisture strips that are infused with botanical oils, and it has three blades. Finally, the classic Venus Razor was the first women’s razor designed with three blades. It has protector cushions to prevent nicks while shaving.

Venus offers seven different types of disposable razors. Just like the refillable razors, there are Original Venus, Venus Embrace, and Venus Spa Breeze disposable razors. There are also Venus Tropical Razors that come in bright colors with three blades on a pivoting head and strips of soothing aloe. Venus Oceana Disposables are very similar to the Tropical Razors, but they come in a stunning blue color. Venus Malibu Razor also has similar features and a fresh scent. Simply Venus is the classic Venus Disposable Razor.

Besides these razors and a bikini trimmer, Venus offers products that are moisturizing and refreshing for the skin. There are shave gels and in-shower moisturizers with multiple types of scents. All of the Venus products can be found on sale from time to time, and Venus razor coupons also make the products very affordable.

How to Find Discounts, Promotional Deals, and Coupon Codes for Venus Razors

To get shaving tips and offers from Venus, sign up at their website at They send out emails, usually about once a month, and they may contain Venus razor coupons and offers. The coupons are typically for discounts on all of their products, including razors, refills, and shave gels.

To find Venus razor coupons, check out the coupon sections in the Sunday paper. Drugstore fliers are another common place to find Venus razor coupons. Printable coupons can also be found at online coupon websites. Gillette is now part of Procter & Gamble (P&G), so Venus razor coupons can typically be found anywhere P&G coupons are found. P&G regularly advertises with coupons in the Sunday paper. They also have a website,, where they may advertise special coupons and freebies. P&G often runs a promotion, where they send $100 worth of coupons, if you first buy $50 worth of P&G products. Their website has more details at

Venus razors are a great example of a way to pamper yourself, without spending too much money. Their shave gels and razors will leave your skin feeling smooth and hydrated. Gillette Venus products do not have to break the bank. Simply watch for sales, and then use the Venus razor coupons during the sales. This way, you will find that Venus razors and other Venus products are a luxury that you can afford.

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