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About the Tidy Cats Brand

At one time, cat owners used ash in their cat’s indoor cat boxes. Obviously, ash in a cat box presented a distinct problem – Cat paw prints all over the house from the soot. Realizing that consumers wanted a better solution, a gentleman named Ed Lowe came up with a clay concoction he called kitty litter. In 1964, the name Tidy Cats was given to the cat litter and it was soon seen in grocery stores all across the country. Now, Tidy Cats is the nation’s largest producer of cat litter, raking in several millions of dollars each year.

All indoor cats need to have a minimum of one litter box in the house, which means we, as cat owners, have to spend money on cat litter. You can save money on your Tidy Cats purchases by using Tidy Cats coupons, which can be found online at many different resources. Whether your cat prefers to use sand, rocks, or a combination of both, Tidy Cats is sure to have something that will help to eliminate odors and make clean-up a breeze. You can find Tidy Cats coupons for all types of cat litter and save money on your next shopping trip.

Ways to Find Special Deals, Coupon Codes, and Discounts for Tidy Cats

Where can you find Tidy Cats coupons? There are many different ways to receive Tidy Cats coupons. Start by visiting only reliable websites that require no registration or obligation.

One very good place to find Tidy Cats coupons is online. Many people sell money saving coupons in large lots online, and they charge very little money. Typically, you can buy a decent size lot of coupons for around $ 2.00. So, let’s say that you receive 20 coupons, each valued at a savings of $ 2.00 off. That’s a total savings of $ 40.00, so even if you do have to pay a small fee to receive the Tidy Cats coupons, you can consider it money well spent.

Doesn’t it feel good to know that you never have to pay full price for cat litter again? By using the resources we have listed for you, you can easily find Tidy Cats coupons and start saving money. What you do with the money you save is up to you!

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