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Information About Tide

Tide detergent products have been trusted by consumers for more than 60 years. Their quality and value have made Tide one of Proctor & Gamble’s most popular brands. As a result, consumers have always looked for ways to save money on these great products.

Here is a brief guide about Tide detergent products and coupons that can help consumers save up to 15% off the full retail price of a Tide detergent product. It includes a brief history of how Tide detergent products have evolved. It also includes a listing of Tide’s products and their most famous offerings. Furthermore, there is also information about how consumers can find coupons and free samples online and via popular advertising campaigns.

Tide History

Tide detergent products have greatly evolved since their introduction in 1946. Tide detergent was first test marketed by Proctor & Gamble in 1946 after it was first produced in a laboratory. When Tide hit the national marketplace in 1949, it quickly became a favorite with housewives. By the 1960’s, Tide detergent was one of Proctor & Gamble’s best selling items.

In 1984, Tide revolutionized the laundry detergent world with the introduction of liquid detergent. This quickly gained a foothold in the marketplace and today Tide is sold more often in liquid form. Since then, Tide has added well-known products such as Tide Clear, Tide Cold Water Formula and Tide with Bleach. As a result, Tide is still one of the best selling product lines that Proctor & Gamble produces.

Tide offers a wide range of household laundry products to consumers.

Here are some of the liquid and powder detergent products that Tide offers to consumers:

  • Tide Free
  • Tide ColorSafe
  • Tide Cold Water formula
  • Original Tide
  • Tide Plus with Febreeze Sport Scent
  • Tide with Bleach
  • Tide High Efficiency products

Here are some of the other products that Tide offers to consumers:

  • Tide to Go
  • Tide Stain Release powder and liquid
  • Tide washing machine cleaners

Of these products listed, Tide is most famous for these products:

  • Original Tide
  • Liquid Tide
  • Tide plus Whitening
  • Tide High Efficiency formula products

Coupon Codes, Discounts, and Ways to Save on Tide

Online via its website:

At this website, you can get many coupons and freebies that can save you money on your laundry costs. To access these perks you must sign up with a valid e-mail address and home address. Once this is done, you can access coupon offers for many additional Proctor & Gamble products. These coupons come to your e-mail inbox about once a month and they offer nice deals on Tide products.

Recent coupons found at this website have included a $1.00 coupon good towards the purchase of a bottle of Tide with Febreeze Freshness liquid. Other coupons have included a $3.00 coupon off any 36-68oz. sized bottle of Tide Stain Release. These coupons are usually good for 90 days and they don’t have to be printed from your computer.

Offline Coupons

Furthermore, many newspapers offer Tide coupons in their Sunday papers. Proctor & Gamble offers consumers coupons for Tide products through a national newspaper advertising campaign. These coupons often appear in the Sunday paper and they can save consumers money on Tide products. Recent examples of coupons that were found in the local paper included $1.00 off any size bottle of Tide liquid detergent and $2.00 off any Tide High Efficiency formula product.

Finally, don’t forget to look at your local supermarket’s ads for coupons on Tide products. Many national supermarket chains such as Albertson’s and Kroger’s will sometimes offer coupons for Tide products. These coupons can be found inside your local supermarket’s ads. Recent coupons have included a Kroger coupon that was good for 75 cents off any box of Tide powder and an Albertson’s coupon that was good for $1.25 off any Tide liquid product. As a result, don’t forget to check your local supermarket’s ads for coupons.

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