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Stouffer’s is a division of Nestlé that specializes in making frozen prepared foods. Stouffer’s food products are sold both in Canada and in the United States. The famous food company is recognized for its variety of frozen food products, including salisbury steak, meatloaf, macaroni and cheese, ravioli and lasagna. In addition, Stouffer’s is the head of a series of reduced-fat products with the mark of their Lean Cuisine series.

Not too long ago, there was a strong effort made to update the Stouffer’s food label with food items like the “Paninis”, “Grilled Dinners” and “Corner Bistro”. These three products all experienced minimal success, which consequently lead some people to question the Stouffer’s company’s capacity to come up with even better, more uniquely innovative products for their customers. On the other hand, the “Lasagna Italiano” food item has been met with a significant amount of success. This has lead many to the conclusion that the Stouffer’s company is more likely to have success with selling the kinds of foods that they are recognized for in the food industry.

How did the Stouffer’s company get its start? Stouffer’s was established in the year of 1922 by a married couple, Abraham and Lena Stouffer, who first got their start with a little coffee joint. The couple shared a farm just twenty-eight miles away from Cleveland in a southern town called Richfield, Ohio. As fate would have it, the couple’s two sons, Gordon and Vernon, took over and developed the family business into a restaurant chain that had locations in Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, New York City, Detroit and Cleveland. Throughout the 1950s-60s, the Stouffer’s company managed restaurants at the Prudential Building in Chicago, Illinois. At the time, the Prudential Building was Chicago’s tallest edifice. Included in the building was the Top Of The Rock on the 40th floor, The Plaza Room and the The Beaubien Room Gibraltar Room.

So, when did Stouffer’s first start selling frozen foods? This family endeavor began in the 1940’s. This was the period of time in which consumers started to request frozen dinners, just like the ones that were being served at their restaurants. Television was a new thing and a big deal, and frozen television dinners were a major trend. In 1954, the demand for frozen meals had accelerated so much that the Stouffer’s kitchens weren’t able to make the food fast enough. This lead to Stouffer’s opening up a little processing plant so that this problem could be eliminated altogether.

Entering Supermarkets

Just a few years later, the Stouffer’s company started making their food products available to supermarkets. Then, in 1967, the Stouffer’s company was sold to a corporation known as Litton Industries. However, shortly afterward, they took Stouffer’s and sold it to the Nestlé company. That was in 1973. Nestlé Foods had since established a campus-like setting in Solon, Ohio, at their center of operations. In the year of 1975, Nestlé had erected a plant for the Stouffer’s division which, for its time, was the single-most tallest refrigeration stowage center in existence. Toward the beginning of 1990, Nestlé constructed a five-story facility that was just right next door to Stouffer’s. With the onset of 2009, Nestlé’s food division (known as Nestlé Professional) launched a new culinary R&D research center. Here is where researchers would investigate new food concepts. Stouffer’s even has a thrift store so that people are able to purchase their food products at reduced prices.

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