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Texas State Fair

What is the State Fair of Texas?

When you talk about state fair celebrations with the most history, Texas has to be in the conversation. it is annually the largest state fair by total attendance, taking the distinction away from Minnesota because the Texas State Fair runs for almost twice as long. It is really a 24-day event and it’s held in Dallas each and every year. Starting in late September, it is always happening at the same time as the University of Texas and Oklahoma University football game, which has been dubbed the “Red River Shootout”. Those people looking for State Fair Of Texas coupons are doing so because they want to be a part of an event that has been around for more than 100 years, with the original fair starting up in 1886.

When most people think about the State Fair of Texas, they think about quite a few different things. In addition to Big Tex, the 52-foot tall cowboy that has been the fair’s staple for more than 50 years, there are fun things to keep you busy like roller coasters and amusement rides. People who use State Fair Of Texas coupons can do a host of different things while there, including checking out the agricultural shows as well as the animal displays. Because of the sheer size of the State Fair of Texas, there really is something for everyone there. From the many different fried foods available at the little stands to all of the cool game,s using State Fair Of Texas coupons will take you far when you are in Dallas.

The one and only location for the State Fair of Texas is the historic Fair Park in Dallas. This has been its home since the beginning and there are no plans to make a change any time soon. On the grounds there are some of the largest fair displays in America and some of the biggest rides, too. The State Fair of Texas has the largest Ferris Wheel in the United States, and that has always been something that people have come to experience when they have attended the fall festivities in Fair Park.

In itself, the State Fair of Texas is a seasonal celebration. It is meant to showcase what the state has to offer each and every fall. Since it is one of the longest running fair celebrations, there are lots of things that change over the nearly month long period. There are many concerts that run through the entirety of the event and many of the displays will chance over that time. There might be a local art show to begin with and then a competition for the largest pumpkin at the end of the fair. It all depends upon which week you use State Fair Of Texas coupons. That will determine what you end up getting to see and what you get to experience, as well.

How to get State Fair of Texas Coupons, Special Deals, and Promotional Discounts

State Fair Of Texas coupons are as readily available as any coupons known to man. Because there are so many things going on at the fair and there are so many different companies promoting themselves, the advertising through State Fair Of Texas coupons is always evident. You can get these coupons online leading up to the fair at many different websites, with the fair’s official site being the place to look first of all. Additionally, you will be able to find many different types of State Fair Of Texas coupons when you look in the local papers in the weeks and days leading up to the actual fair. There will be items that can be cut out from there and others that can be printed off of the internet.

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