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Background Information on Smart and Final

Smart & Final is a warehouse grocery store similar to Sam’s Club, but membership isn’t required to shop there. They operate more than 280 retail stores, offering food and restaurant supplies in northern Mexico, Idaho, Nevada, Arizona, Washington, California and Oregon. The store was originally founded in the late 1800s, and has grown into a thriving business since then.

Smart & Final boasts that they’re the “smaller faster” warehouse grocery store. Their warehouses are smaller than say, Sam’s Club or Costco, and their goal is to allow you to get in and out quickly. They usually carry anywhere from 7000 to 9000 items. Their popular items include perishables (fresh vegetables, deli and dairy, meat and poultry), candy, snacks, wine, paper and janitorial products, and frozen and refrigerated food. They also carry a wide variety of professional culinary offerings such as appliances, cooking equipment and restaurant supplies.
Smart & Final can act as a competitive alternative or backup source when a restaurant or business is unable to purchase from their usual supplier.

The warehouse specializes in bulk items, but recently it’s been offering more to the household market with similar savings. The household market, meaning people that are buying for their families and not a business, now accounts for more than half of Smart & Final’s sales.

Ways to Find Special Deals, Coupon Codes, and Discounts for Smart and Final

Like some popular grocery stores, one can acquire a free membership discount card to earn special savings when shopping. The membership discount card, Smart & Final Advantage affinity card, isn’t necessary to shop there however. This is especially noteworthy since most warehouse stores require a paid membership to even begin shopping. Additionally, they accept all manufacturer coupons that have not expired.

You can also acquire coupons in newspapers, but if that sounds tedious there are many e-Bayers who clip newspaper coupons and sell them by the hundreds for just a few dollars. Also, Smart & Final offers special savings and coupon promotions on holidays and other special events, so keep an eye out. You can view Smart & Final’s current specials and promotions on their website, after locating a store near you.

It’s important to remember not to buy something simply because you have a coupon for it. If you weren’t planning on buying it in the first place, you’re not saving money. Additionally, since coupons normally apply to name-brand foods only, check to see what the off-brand product costs. Sometimes the off-brand product can cost less than buying the name-brand product with a coupon, and off-brand products are usually the same thing.

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