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What is Silver Dollar City

Silver Dollar City is an American theme park located on the outskirts of Branson, Missouri. The park was opened on May 1, 1960 and is located between Branson West and Branson, Missouri, on State Highway 76. The park is styled similar to the American 1880s, which helps Branson’s image as a family-friendly vacation destination.

The Silver Dollar City season of operation runs from the middle of March until late December. The park is closed during January and February. The Herchend Family Entertainment Corporation owns the park, as well as 25 other properties in over nine states. They own the nearby White Water, Ride the Ducks, as well as the Showboat Branson Belle.

Silver Dollar City has become one of the most successful theme parks in the entire country. The park is located at the site of one of the area’s oldest attractions, the Marvel Cave. Marvel Cave was designated a National Landmark by the United States government, and is important both as a landmark and as the starting force behind Silver Dollar City.

History of Silver Dollar City

The cave’s first oral record came from the Osage Nation, with the first written records found during an expedition in 1869. Henry T. Blow, a cave explorer from St. Louis, explored the cave with a team of six miners. However, Blow was searching for lead, and did not find any in the Marvel Cave, but found that the cave’s roof was composed of marble, which lead to its original name of “Marble Cave”.

The cave remained in an undisturbed state until the last part of 1882 when a group of explorers, led by Truman Powell and T. Hodges Jones of Barton County, re-entered the caves in search of lead. This expedition led to no lead, but did yield the discovery of more marble, which jumpstarted a town on a hilltop nearby. The town was known as Marble City. However, by 1889, the cave proved to be of little worth to the town, and the mining company that desired the lead ore of the mine, quickly shut down.

However, the cave took a turn for the best when William Henry Lynch, a dairyman and miner from Canada, purchased the entire cave and surrounding land for a meager 10,000 dollars. Always a shrewd businessperson, Lynch decided to open the cave for tourism. The cave was closed after a grand opening, but was reopened in 1900. The cave has been opened ever since, which makes it the oldest running tourism location in the Ozarks.

Change of Ownership

William Lynch passed away in 1927, and the cave was passed along to his daughters. After his death, the cave’s name was changed to Marvel Cave. William’s family operated the cave for the next fifty years, until selling the cave to Huge Hershend, a vacuum cleaner salesman, for the next 99 years.

Mr. Herschend died shortly after purchasing the cave, and his wife took over the operation of it. She was able to vastly improve the status of the cave in many ways, including a long train that would charter customers into the depths of the cave.

Silver Dollar City was built in 1960. It was opened to an extremely high amount of critical acclaim, and quickly became the hottest destination in the Ozarks.

Find and Print Silver Dollar City Coupons

Silver Dollar City is a great destination for a family vacation. They offer periodical specials throughout the year that can greatly decrease the cost of admission. In addition, they offer coupons on their websites for discounts for large groups. They also send out coupons in the form of coupon booklets through the mail. Patrons returning to the park also receive a great discount, as long as they bring their previous ticket stub.

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