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If you need to save money, then coupons are an easy way to get started. Let’s take for example shampoo coupons. Health and beauty-type products usually have tons of coupons available. Shampoo is no exception. You should have no problem locating shampoo coupons and saving lots of money using them.

Your first place to look for shampoo coupons is your Sunday newspaper. Usually there are a number of pamphlets in the newspaper with loads and loads of coupons. Proctor and Gamble has its own coupon booklet and since P&G makes a number of shampoo products, you should find a good selection of coupons here. For example, Proctor and Gamble makes Pantene and Herbal Essence shampoos. A recent P&G coupon booklet had a $2.00 off Pantene coupon. That same booklet also had a coupon to receive a free Herbal Essence styling product with the purchase of an Herbal Essence shampoo. If you combine either of these coupons with a store sale, you are looking at a pretty good deal.

Of course, Proctor and Gamble isn’t the only company to make shampoo. Unilever is another major manufacturer of shampoo products. Their lines include Dove and Suave shampoos and products. Once again, you will find a number of these shampoo coupons in your weekly coupon booklets.


Another good place to find shampoo coupons is in monthly magazines. Magazines such as Good Housekeeping, Glamour and Woman’s Day often include advertisements that have coupons in them. When you are paging through your favorite magazine, take notice of the coupons and clip them out. Having envelopes for different types of products will allow you to find a coupon that you need pretty quickly. An envelope labeled Health and Beauty can include shampoo coupons, as well as moisturizers, deodorants and other similar products.

A shampoo coupon can become an added saving when combined with a store’s rebate offer. Rite Aid has a monthly rebate book with a number of offers. Every now and then they will have rebates that will end up giving you the product for free. This happens frequently with shampoo products. For example, let’s say Rite Aid has a free-bate for purchasing Garnier Fructis Shampoo. You pay $3.99 for the shampoo and then by completing a rebate form, Rite Aid will send you a check for the entire $3.99. But, you just happened to have a coupon for $1.00 off any Fructis shampoo. So when you purchased the shampoo, even though it cost $3.99, you paid $2.99. This doesn’t affect the rebate offer. Rite Aid will still send you $3.99. You just made a dollar purchasing your shampoo using a coupon!

Offline Ads

You can peruse your local drug store ad for a shampoo sale and then head to the Internet to see if you can find a shampoo coupon to bring the cost down even further. Sign up for Proctor and Gamble and Unilever’s newsletters to get access to more offers and coupons. With just a little bit of effort, your savings will begin to add up!

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