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The Seattle Aquarium is one of the few aquariums in the country that focuses on the wildlife of the Puget Sound. The Seattle Aquarium gets over 800,000 visitors each year and has entertained 19.9 million visitors since it opened in 1977. The Aquarium is owned and operated by the City of Seattle’s Department of Parks and Recreation. The aquarium caters to children, adults and students alike offering them the experience to see aquatic wildlife in its natural habitat.

The exhibits that they provide are remarkable. For instance, the Window On Washington Waters exhibit offers a model of Neah Bay’s rock blades and is filled with salmon, colorful rockfish, and sea anemones that are all native to Washington’s sea. If you come at the right time, you can see divers go into the water. With specialized masks, they can even talk to the patrons while they swim around in the tank.

The Pacific Coral Reef exhibit is on the most multifaceted communities on earth. This coral reef features a multitude of creatures including warm water fish and sharks. Like the Windows On Washington Waters exhibit, onlookers can watch divers go into the tank to feed the fish and the sharks. When you look closely, you can see many of the beautiful habitats that have formed and are flourishing.

Additional Exhibits

The Underwater Dome is one of the largest exhibits at the aquarium. Led in through two short tunnels, patrons are able to see aquatic wildlife at a 360-degree view. Schools of large, open water salmon can be seen filtering through sunlight as they maneuver through the coral reefs surrounding the enormous tank. And with this exhibit, you can also see divers take to the water to feed the fish.

With the Seattle Aquarium, saving money is extremely easy. Joining their membership program has a lot of advantages. Not only are you providing them funding so they can keep their exhibits clean and up to date, you are giving them funds to rescue animals that have been hurt or are in need of assistance. Your money goes to help the training of volunteers that will man local beaches during low tide. You are also helping children by giving them an experience that they will never forget in a place that encouraged science education.

Promotional Discounts, Coupon Codes, and Deals on Seattle Aquarium Tickets

When you join the Seattle Aquarium with a membership, you can also enjoy year long unlimited access to the aquarium. With this membership you can also enjoy complimentary tickets for your guests. You will ten percent off your purchases at the gift shop and will enjoy ten percent off of all purchases at the Aquarium Café. To keep up with the aquarium, you will receive quarterly newsletters that will inform you of upcoming events and exhibits. You can also get a special rate for Aquarium trips, classes and even birthday parties.

Enjoying the spectacle of all that the Seattle Aquarium has to offer is not something that is easily done in one day. From the gorgeous plant life to the amazing animals, the Seattle Aquarium makes learning fun. When you join their membership program you will receive discounted rates and free admission to every event and exhibit that the aquarium provides throughout its exciting year. Giving children a place where they can mix learning with their natural curiosity is something that every parent would love. Join the Seattle Aquarium and start nurturing your and your child’s mind with everything they have to offer.

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