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History of Schlitterbahn

Schlitterbahn is the name of three large water parks located primarily in Texas, with a single location in Kansas City, Kansas. The word Schlitterbahn is German for “slippery road”. Schlitterbahn is known as “The hottest, coolest time in Texas”. The park is one of the only amusement parks in the world that allows patrons to bring their own drinks and food. This practice has commonly been outlawed by most traditional amusement centers.

The first Schlitterbahn Water Park Resort is located in New Braunfels, Texas. This park was opened in 1979, and had four water slides. The park is built near the cool waters of the Comal River. Bob and Billye Henry on the Landa Resort, which was part of the Comal River’s land, purchased the park in the late 1930s. Water recreation facilities were added, until the park reached its current status as Schlitterbahn West. The Henrys bought another 25-acre property in 1991. This property became known as Camp Warnecke, and eventually transformed into Schlitterbahn East. The two parks are separated by a few city blocks, and include free parking and shuttles to both locations. Schlitterbahn East is divided into two separate areas.

The first area is Surfenburg, which was built in 1991. The second area is Blastenhoff, and was built in 1996. Schlitterbahn made history when they opened the first uphill water ride in 1994. The ride was known as the Dragon Blaster. However, since the opening of the Dragon Blaster, the park has opened several other uphill water rides, such as the Master Blaster, and the Family Blaster. The Master Blaster has been voted as the country’s best water ride by many publications, and the ride is frequently a feature on the Travel Channel. In addition, the New Braunfels park boasts 3 miles of inner tube rides, 17 water slides, 7 water playgrounds for children, and the world’s first surfing machine, known as the Boogie Bahn. One of the most defining points of the park is its water source. All water in the park has been pumped from the nearby Comal River. The water is filtered and then pumped back into the river. The park does not use any chemicals in the filtering process, this helps maintain the natural quality of the river. Schlitterbahn is considered by many people to be the greatest water park on the planet. The Travel channel labeled it “America’s favorite water park”, and Amusement Today gave the park its Golden Ticket award for three years in a row.

Schlitterbahn has many other water parks, including the Schlitterbahn Beach Water Park, which was inducted in 2001, in South Padre Island, Texas. Schlitterbahn Galveston Island was the third Schlitterbahn park to be inducted. However, this park’s construction was delayed after a fire that destroyed all of the construction equipment. Therefore, the park opened its doors on March 12, 2006. Its second section, Blastenhoff, opened in summer 2007. This park was open year-round, and the indoor section was open during the winter months. However, the Blastenhoff section was only open during the summer months. Schlitterbahn has many other parks including Schlitterbahn Vacation Village, which is located in Kansas City, Kansas, and Schlitterbahn Cedar Park, which is a park that is currently in development, and will be located in Cedar Park, Texas.

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Schlitterbahn is a great place to visit by yourself or with your family. However, the tickets can sometimes be expensive. Schlitterbahn’s website offers great coupons for discounts on admission. Generally, the coupons will allow discounted rates for parties of five or more. In addition, Schlitterbahn maintains a list, which they use to send people coupons through the mail.

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