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Samuel Adams Company History

Jim Koch came from a long line of beer makers. He didn’t plan on becoming one of them. He started his career as a management consultant, something that must have been a lot less fun than making beer, and seemed to be comfortable with his decision. Six generations of beer makers were behind him, though, and he never forgot it. In 1984, Jim felt that American beer was getting boring. Large breweries had taken over the entire market and the little guy hadn’t been heard of for awhile.

Most people probably don’t know that the original Samuel Adams beer was conceived much earlier than 1984 by Jim’s Great-great grandfather Louis Koch. The recipe was handed down to Jim by his father after Jim expressed an interest in entering the beer game.

For those loyal fans of Samuel Adams, it’s interesting to know that its name comes from someone who was also a Boston brewer. Jim and Samuel Adams both had fathers who were brewers and both of them loved good beer. Jim didn’t fight for independence, but he did help give us the American beer that has earned more awards than any other beer in history. It’s a long way from 1984 to the internet world, where Samuel Adams coupon codes inhabit the internet and wait for you to find them.

Samuel Adams Specialties

Samuel Adams beer is what is known as a craft-beer. To be classified as such, the company producing it has to be small (produce less than 2 million barrels a year), independent, and traditional. Samuel Adams meets all of these qualifications. It produces 36,000 barrels of beer a year while employing about 350 people. They offer 17 distinct styles of beer.

Sam’s beer offerings are impressive, each one carefully crafted to meet the expectations of finicky beer drinkers across America and the world. There is original Boston Lager, Louis Koch’s original creation, Sam Adams Light, and then the fun beers. They come in three categories: Seasonal beers, Brewmaster’s selection, Imperial series, and Extreme Beer. To give you an idea of the amount of creativity and fun involved in each of these beers, you only need to look at the name of each beer. Someone at Sam Adams went to a lot of trouble to make sure the beer was named something as exciting as its flavor.

Samuel Adams Seasonal Celebrations

There is a celebration year-round with Samuel Adams because they have a collection of beers known as “seasonal beers.” The collection includes summer ale, Octoberfest, Winter Lager, Old Fezziwig ale, Cranberry lambie, and holiday porter. No matter what you’re celebrating, Jim Koch has you covered.

Samuel promotes many holidays, but this year it’s Labor Day. Beer lovers everywhere are able to compete for the ultimate labor day barbeque. The contestant must enter his or her favorite barbeque recipe. The winner will be dining in style and enjoying a lot of Samuel Adams’s beer on Labor day.

Samuel Adams Coupon Codes, Discounts and Promotional Specials

The Samuel Adams website has an e-store that sells Samuel Adams glassware, apparel, and other brand items of interest. You can find Samuel Adams coupon codes on the web, but there are discounts to be had at the E-store as well. You have to register for the E-store, but that’s a small price to pay to make sure all your beer glasses say Samuel Adams on them. You can look around the internet for promotional coupon codes for the E-store. After registering, you can look at all the wonderful merchandise Sam Adams is sure to have. You can only expect that from a company that takes such great care in sharing its product with the world.

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