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Revlon is a name that has acquired a strong reputation in the makeup industry for women. It works as a global influence in skin care, personal care, cosmetics, fragrance and functions as a top mass market cosmetics trademark. Revlon’s objective has always been to offer women the means to attain elegance, thrills and creative expression with fine products sold at reasonable prices. In order to make this vision a reality, the management staff at Revlon have integrated the innovation of a makeup and fashion company along with the promotion, operating system and commerce of a costumer packaged merchandise company. Revlon was able to achieve its international fame because of merchandise quality and promotional knowledge, which gave the company the power to make one of the most powerful customer label names throughout the world. Revlon has sold its merchandise in well over one hundred and seventy-five territories and nations around the globe.

Revlon started out with just one little product: a totally new and unique nail enamel. Revlon’s three leaders put together their scanty means to come up with a totally original industrial method. When Revlon offered colored pigments as opposed to dyes, their company found a way to provide every woman with a very affluent, impervious appearance in their nail enamel. They sold this nail enamel in a vast selection of colors that had never been seen before in their market.

After just six years, Revlon developed into a multimillion dollar corporation and initiated what would come to be known as one of the most reputable names all across the globe for makeup. Back in the 1940s, Revlon made a direct effort to help the American Navy troops of World War II by producing first aid kits and dye markers. After the war came to an end, Revlon started to sell both pedicure and manicure utensils. It was during this time in which Revlon released nail enamel and lipstick advertisements that correlated to seasonal clothing styles at two separate times of each year. In addition, Revlon fell back on television promotion in order to bolster sales. Revlon began to provide merchandise to the public toward the end of the year 1955. Revlon was registered on the list for the New York Stock Exchange at the close of the ensuing year, 1956.

What Revlon did was lay down the foundation for its immensely prosperous international influence during the 1960’s, introducing the “American Look” to the all the other countries by promoting itself with famous American models. With the arrival of the 1970’s also came the ushering in of the CharlieĀ® fragrance, which was formulated for your average, hard-working American woman. Once the mid 70’s had finally arrived, the CharlieĀ® fragrance was declared the #1 hottest fragrance you could purchase anywhere around the world. At this point, Revlon sales had jumped past the $1 billion gross point. Revlon was guided by progress and innovative quality.

Mergers and Partnerships

By the time 1985 had begun, Revlon had been sold to a MacAndrews & Forbes Holdings division, and in the latter ’80s, a company called Almay became part of the Revlon roster. With the approach of a new decade, the ’90s brought about Revlon’s renewal in the way it conducted business and reinforced its part in industrial management. Today, Revlon is bigger and better than ever, the quality of their products is superb, and their prices are hard to beat.

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