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History of the Renaissance Festival

The Renaissance Festival is an organized themed fair that is held at different times throughout the year in different parts of America, perhaps most notably in Minnesota, a short distance outside of Minneapolis. It is held from mid-August until the end of September each year. There are also Renaissance Festivals in Maryland, Arizona, and other places.

The Renaissance Festival is noted for its wide variety of themed Medieval and Renaissance entertainment, food and crafts. One of the most celebrated and popular events is the joust, where armed and armored knights compete with lances on horseback for the amusement of the crowd. Other popular entertainment includes sword swallowing, juggling, painting, theater, dancing, fire eating, skilled games and other visual treats. Most events are free with the cost of admission. Many acts at Renaissance Festival are well recognized national acts.

‘Ren Fest’ as enthusiasts often refer to the Renaissance Festival, offers a cornucopia of food for those with every taste. Famous dishes include giant smoked turkey legs, spinach and country pies and beer cheese soup. Ale and other authentic refreshments are also available for adults.

Kids go crazy for the events and shows, and there are also games and play areas for younger children. For music lovers, there are many local, national and themed musical acts that play at the Renaissance Festivals every year.

For souvenir buffs and artisans, Renaissance Festivals offer a variety of excellent goods. One can find authentically made Medieval swords and other weapons, crafted by blacksmiths in the traditional style. Another popular souvenir from the Renaissance Festival is crystal, and there are active and skilled purveyors of quality crystal at Renaissance Festivals. Dragons make a popular art piece to take home as souvenirs, and many other artistic creations are available at the many fine art shops and vendors at Renaissance Festivals. Artists who will paint visitor’s portraits are found commonly along the festival walkways, near the food vendors and other merchants.

Get Promotional Discounts, Deals, and Coupon Codes for the Renaissance Festival

For discounts and promotions on Renaissance Festival goods and activities, the best source is the main website for the Renaissance Festival, There one can find out all about specials, discounts and unique packages in advance of visiting the Renaissance Festival.

One of the best things about the Renaissance Festival is how seriously the employees take their jobs. Many of them will not come out of character no matter what, and are completely believable characters from the Renaissance. Some even learn unique accents for their characters that kids find hilarious! The Renaissance Festival is always family friendly and a happy environment that is fun for everyone.

Another very popular offering by the Renaissance Festival is wedding services, offering a full range of service for spectacular weddings. The best information on weddings and wedding packages at Renaissance Festival can be found on the official website for the festival.

A variety of lodging options are available for the Renaissance Festival, from hotels to camping. has links to a variety of hotels and information about coupons, discounts, and specials on lodging for the festival.

Whether you would prefer to relax and take in a show or actively participate in an archery contest or just sample some authentic and delicious culinary treats, the Renaissance Festival has it all and is a great time for the whole family.

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