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What is the Red Robin?

The Red Robin restaurant franchise is one of the most respected and well-known companies in the American food industry, and many people have grown to love their excellent food, friendly customer service and overall pleasant dining atmosphere. However, it may surprise you to know that the Red Robin restaurant started out just like any other small business. It began as a family-operated company, and it took a lot of smart promotion, good service and a bit of luck to come out on top.

History of Red Robin

It all started back in the the chaotic year of 1969 when a Seattle man named Gerald Kingen decided to try opening up his own little restaurant and make some money. He opened his business doors from across the street of the University of Washington, offering customers with delicious gourmet hamburgers. Each burger was always prepared and served quickly, and they were mouth-watering. Students were some of the first customers he had in the beginning of his business. As fate would have it, these students quickly spread the word about Red Robin’s savory menu and excellent prices to other people, and then those people told their friends and family about the great food Red Robin had to offer.

Like wildfire, the news of Red Robin’s restaurant spread, and business increased immensely. After experiencing great success with Red Robin, Gerald Kingen made the choice to expand his business into a chain of restaurants. From here on out, things would only continue to expand, and in the next few years Red Robin became a nationwide phenomenon.

Red Robin Today

Today, Red Robin is conveniently located in all 50 states. Now, anyone who is hungry for a fresh, delicious burger can drop by to satisfy both their taste buds and stomachs. Ever since its initial launch as a nationwide chain restaurant, Red Robin has moved past its one-item menu and now offers all sorts of burgers and side-dishes to its customers. Red Robin is selling burgers made with chicken, beef, fish and turkey.

They also offer other menu items like fries, salad, vegetarian dishes and even a sumptuous pot roast.

Discounts, Coupons, and Promotional Savings for Red Robin

Their menu prices are still pretty good, but people are still happy to get a bargain deal on their meal with the help of a coupon. Red Robin is definitely aware of its customers’ interest in saving even more money, and there are several ways by which you can obtain your own Red Robin coupons. These coupons can be acquired through the official Red Robin website online. In order to be eligible for the Red Robin coupon, you will need to sign up for the Red Robin eClub program.

Signing up for the program is easy, and in doing so, you will receive a $3.00 coupon in your e-mail inbox to print off and use for your next visit to the restaurant. Signing up is as simple as visiting the Red Robin website directly ( and clicking on the tab near the top of the page that says “Red Robin eClub”. Clicking on that button will bring you to a page that asks you to provide their website with your birth date, city, state and address. Don’t worry – becoming a member of the Red Robin eClub is completely free!

After you have submitted the required information (along with your e-mail address), you will automatically receive a $3.00 coupon in your inbox within 24 hours. This coupon can be used with the next Red Robin purchase you make. Now, that’s a deal! It doesn’t get any better than this, so what are you waiting for? Sign up for the Red Robin eClub today!

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