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What is Quiznos?

Quizno’s is a fast food company which is based out of Denver, Colorado. Quizno’s specializes in selling hot and toasted sandwiches, although they also sell salads, and some cold sandwiches. The company was founded in 1981, and they presently operate over 4,000 franchised stores located throughout the United States, 300 in Canada, and 100 scattered throughout Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. Next to Subway, Quizno’s is the world’s larges submarine shop operator.

Quizno’s separates themselves from other submarine sandwich shops because of they serve toasted sandwiches. Each sandwich is prepared onsite with fresh ingredients before it is placed through a toaster oven. Sandwiches are often coupled with a soda and bag of chips.

While they have historically been a submarine sandwich restaurant, Quiznos has recently added salads and $2 flatbread sandwiches to their product line. By adding these products, Quizno’s has been able to appeal to people who either are looking for a healthier meal option or a cheaper meal option.

Get Money Saving Coupons and Discount Codes for Quiznos

For customers who are looking to save money when eating at Quizno’s, many printable coupons can be found online. Through these websites, many different coupons can be found which include $1 off a combo meal, buy one get one free sandwiches, $2 off a large sandwich, free chips and drink with the purchase of a medium or large sandwich, and half off salads. Each coupon available also comes with a success score, which allows a consumer to determine which coupons are most reliable.

On certain websites, consumers can find printable coupons that can be redeemed at participating Quizno’s locations. Some of the best deals that are found on this website include free chips or free fountain drink, buy one and get $1 off, a free toasty torpedo sandwich, and $1 off a regular sub or $2 off a large sub.

The Quizno’s website is also a great source for finding coupons. Recently, some of the coupons found on this site include $5 large sandwiches, free pop, and discounted salads. The Quizno’s website also keeps their customers apprised of current specials that can be had. Customers can also sign up and become members of the site, which leads to additional perks including printable coupons sent to their email account.

Social Media

Fans of Quizno’s could also benefit by becoming fans on Facebook or followers on Twitter. Quizno’s frequently sends updates of current deals and specials, and allows their followers to gain access to coupons that can’t be found otherwise.

While many printable coupons are found online, Quizno’s also provides many already printed coupons which can be found through a variety of sources. Quizno’s tends to distribution coupons through direct mail vehicles including Value Pak. They also often include coupons in Sunday newspapers. These coupons provide deals which are similar to the deals that can be found online. Some participating Quizno’s locations also provide coupons in store.

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