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Post Cereal Background Information

One of the most popular cereal brands, Post Cereals, has been a favorite for over 100 years. It is the third largest cereal brand in the United States today. Post Cereals was originally known as Postum Cereals. The company was founded by C.W. Post back in 1895. The first from Postum was actually a “cereal beverage” he created. A couple years later Post developed the first cereal, Grape-Nuts. In 1908, Grape Nuts was followed with a brand of corn flakes called Elijah’s Manna. It was later renamed Post Toasties. The headquarters was located in the Bank of America Plaza in Downtown St. Louis, Missouri.

History of Post

In 1925 the company gained rights to Jell-O gelatin. Shortly after they acquired Baker’s chocolate, Maxwell House coffee, and several other food brands. The name was then changed to General Foods Corporation in 1929. General Foods was taken over by Philip Morris Companies in 1985.

Four years later Philip Morris merged General Foods and Kraft Foods leading to the formation of Kraft General Foods. On August 4, 2008 Post Cereals merged with Ralcorp Holdings and the official name became what it is known as today, Post Foods, LLC. Ralcorp Holdings was a manufacturer of a variety of food products that included cookies, crackers, chocolate, snack foods, mayonnaise and peanut butter.

Cereal is a breakfast staple. Post is responsible for producing some favorites at the breakfast table such as

  • Raisin Bran
  • Shredded Wheat
  • Honey Bunches of Oats
  • Fruity Pebbles
  • Banana Nut Crunch

Other cereals made by Post include Alpha-Bits, Banana Nut Crunch, Blueberry Morning, Cocoa Pebbles, Cranberry Almond Crunch, Cupcake Pebbles, Golden Crisp, Grape Nut O’s, Grape Nuts, Grape Nuts Flakes, Great Grains, Honeycombs, Live Active, Maple Pecan Crunch, Marshmallow Alpha-Bits, Oat Flakes, Shreddies, Sugar Coated Corn Flakes, Sugar Crisp, Trail Mix Crunch and Waffle Crisp.

Find Coupons, Discounts, and Coupon Codes for Post Cereal

CW Post was in the vanguard of print advertising. He is believed to have invented the cents-off coupon. Obtaining Post Cereal coupons is easy, you just have to know where to look. The Post official website often offers coupons that can be printed. The coupons on the website are known to change from time to time. Be sure to look inside the box of cereal for additional coupons for your next cereal purchase. The company issues coupons through direct mail, magazines and in newspapers as well. You can join the mailing list to be informed of any promotional offers and specials by visiting

There is also a multitude of coupon sharing websites, blogs and forums that offer coupon codes and printable coupons. It is important to verify the validity of these coupons by calling your local store to see if they are acceptable. Some grocery stores even offer their own free grocery coupons for Post Cereals. Be sure to check flyers and circulars on a regular basis.

It may be a good idea to invest in a coupon organizer to have your coupons readily available. There is nothing worse than investing the time in hunting down coupons only to forget them at home.

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