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About Pizza Hut

In 1958, Dan and Frank Carney decided they wanted to make a pizza that could sell better than the rest of them. They would make it faster than anybody else and planned to create such a savory taste that nobody could deny and all pizza makers would envy. These men came up with the franchise known as Pizza Hut. Amusingly, the name Pizza Hut was only chosen because the sign the two men had purchased only had room for nine characters upon which to write, including any spaces.

The first building was located in Topeka, Kansas, where it grew quickly in popularity at the same time that Shakey’s Pizza was gaining such popularity on the West Coast. It was, in fact, this competition that gave the new franchise its impetus to properly evaluate both its mission and its direction. At one point, when Shakey’s was approaching Pizza Hut territory, the Carneys had to briefly consider whether or not Pizza Hut should make the jump into the entertainment business or whether to simply maintain the image of a neighborhood family restaurant.

As one might gather, the latter option was chosen. Renovations included creating a style of building that would be instantly recognized by its customers and offering a warm, familiar feeling upon passing by and upon eating at the establishment. From there, Pizza Hut only continued to grow with thousands of locations scattered across North America, Europe, as well as Australia.

Pizza Hut Pizza

One particular thing that Pizza Hut does uniquely, outside of perhaps Chicago, is offer some of the thickest pizza than any other establishment does on a regular basis. This thick pizza is known as the pan pizza, available in medium, large, as well as personal sizes. Pizza Hut is also home of the unique Pizza Mia pizzas, which offer a different flavor altogether with sauces made straight from tomato, which sell for such a low price for such a delicious treat.

How to Get Coupon Codes and Promotional Savings at Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut, as any competitive fast food restaurant might expect to be, is notorious for offering coupons on a daily basis, as well as always running a special no matter what the occasion. The most reliable place in which these coupons are available online are at the official website where coupons may be used in an online order, but are also available at certain other websites, such as the infamous retailmenot website.

The franchise also offers offline coupons, which are almost always found in a family’s mailbox on a weekly basis, joined with various other typical fliers. These sheets generally present the potential customers their best special as well as up to sixteen coupons that are available for the customers to take in at any time or to use with delivery services.

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