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There are lots of really great zoos around the United States, and one of the best is located in Philadelphia. While many other zoos might have some claims to fame, few of them can top the Philadelphia Zoo in that regard. That is because the Philly Zoo was the first zoo in the United States. It opened on the banks of the Schuylkill River in 1874, which was many years after it was slated to open. It might have opened earlier, except for the unfortunate fact that the impending Civil War pushed back and delayed its creation. Things have changed a great deal since then, because the original price of admission was only 25 cents and there were only 1,000 animals at opening.

Those using Philadelphia Zoo coupons now are able to see more than 1,300 animals and the selection of available animals has certainly changed over the course of time. The complex is large, encompassing more than 42 acres of land right in Philadelphia. One thing that those using Philadelphia Zoo coupons will come to notice is that many of the zoo’s animals are highly endangered or protected. This is one of their staples and it continues to be something that they try to promote on a yearly basis.

As far as what the Philadelphia Zoo is known for, you have to immediately point to the endangered species that are held within its gates. They go out of their way to find the most exotic animals from around the world and the zoo works closely with environmental groups to help conserve wildlife. This is something that has made the group very successful and they are always looking for new ways to reach out. They seek to educate, so the people with Philadelphia Zoo coupons are not only getting to see animals. They are also getting to learn a little bit about the animals with every single visit.

More Things to See

Within the Philadelphia Zoo, there are many different locations that have become quite popular over time. The children’s zoo portion of the larger zoo is already a favorite of visitors, as is the balloon ride area. They do a lot of things for kids, but that is not all that is going on at the Philly Zoo. The Rare Animal Observation Center and the Amphibian and Reptile House are two places that remain popular among those folks using Philadelphia Zoo coupons to see the sights. Additionally, the area known as “Big Cat Falls” features large cats, which are obviously quite popular for patrons of the zoo.

As far as seasonal celebrations go, the zoo tries to keep new things on the docket so that people will always have something new and interesting to enjoy. Those folks who are using Philadelphia Zoo coupons are able to check out the zoo when it is decorated for Christmas, and they are also able to view the summer celebrations that often take place in the complex. These are fun things that add to the overall experience of the zoo, and they are popular among children, too.

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Getting Philadelphia Zoo coupons is all about knowing where to look. The good thing for those folks in need of many Philadelphia Zoo coupons is that you can find them in bulk right online. The official zoo website often offers two for one deals and they have specials for certain times of day. If you are looking for Philadelphia Zoo coupons offline, then it becomes a little bit harder. Local coupon booklets and entertainment guides are an excellent place to begin when looking for Philadelphia Zoo coupons, though.

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