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Petco, Where the Pets Go

Petco is a large retailer of pet supplies and services. Petco was established in 1965 and is now based in San Diego, California, even though it is incorporated in the state of Delaware. Petco is a privately owned company, with two investment firms, TPG Capital and Leonard Green and Partners, at the helm. Petco has been under its current ownership since 2006.

After recent expansions into Hawaii and the District of Columbia, Petco now boasts around one thousand stores in all fifty states.

Petco has a long track record of being concerned about animal welfare. Petco has a foundation that, since 1999, has donated over $34 million for supporting more than 3,000 animal wellbeing programs across the United States. An animal adoption initiative by Petco began in 2004. This effort seeks to promote the adoption of homeless pets rather than having people purchase new pets. Decisions like this one engender customer loyalty, seeing that Petco puts moral considerations ahead of their desire for sales.

Petco also operates with a sense of corporate responsibility to the environment. Internal initiatives have implemented environmentally sensitive cleaning solutions as well as an extensive recycling program.

Unique to Petco are some pet foods that are endorsed or owned by celebrity icons. This is not only amusing, but it also attracts customers to Petco stores. Brands such as Ellen DeGeneres’ Halo, Dick Van Patten-endorsed Natural Balance, and Cesar Millan’s new line of pet food all attract a lot of attention from the public. Additionally, many other celebrity pet owners have endorsed Petco, giving them and their natural pet food department a lot of credibility and crowd appeal.

Petco operates mostly so-called big-box stores, but lately has been developing a smaller, specialized pet supply store that doesn’t sell pets. These boutique stores focus on natural healthy pet foods and tend to be a bit upscale.

Petco offers a wide range of pet supplies for just about every common American pet. The supplies that aren’t stocked in the stores are available online, so Petco is literally the only name you need when it comes to pet stores.

How to Get Coupons, Promotional Discounts, and Special Savings at Petco

Did you know that you can get Petco coupons? Rather than having to rely on third party Internet coupon sites, Petco now has an entire section on its Web site devoted to coupons. You can print coupons out and use them at your local Petco store or you can use coupon codes as you order online at This feature is very convenient and goes to show you how visiting the Petco site can literally pay off. Petco also has a customer loyalty PALS card that you can use to get additional discounts, special prices, and other deals at physical Petco locations or on the Internet. You can also sign up for the Petco email list that periodically sends out coupons, specials, and other information to interested parties. This is a great way to save even more on your pet supply needs.

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