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It is a well known fact that when people want to go skiing on the East coast, they go to New Hampshire. Why is this the case? It is because New Hampshire has some of the best independent slopes in the world, including Pat’s Peak in Henniker. Though there are some ski resorts in the United States that are larger, few of them can match the experience that you get when you use your Pat’s Peak coupons. The fact of the matter is that people using Pat’s Peak coupons are getting one of the most exciting, challenging, and also intimate ski experiences possible.

The slopes opened in 1963 and since then, some expansion has taken place. It was founded by the four Patenaude brothers, who inherited the land from their father. They started it out as a small place where a few people could do some skiing, but it has grown to provide service to thousands of skiers each and every season. The plot of land that contains Pat’s Peak is around 200 acres, and has been modified over the years to create new slopes and provide different challenges for skiers. People who pick up Pat’s Peak coupons are able to ski some excellent trails, while also enjoying the intimate nature of the area.

Pat’s Peak is known for its diverse mixture of trails, with ski offerings for people of all skill levels. The problem with some ski areas is that they either have too many slopes that are for beginners or they have too many trails that are for advanced skiers. The individuals who run Pat’s Peak have tried to put together a nice mix, meaning that a family can come and enjoy it together. The beginner slopes are some of the best in the world, while the long trails can provide a serious challenge for even the best of skiers. Additionally, Pat’s Peak is known for the quickness and efficiency of its ski lift system.

On the mountain, there are many locations that are favorites of people visiting Pat’s Peak. The slopes obviously take up most of the time of visitors, with favorites Cyclone and Hurricane being high up there on the list. Additionally, the mountain’s cafe has been a popular destination for skiers seeking refuge from the outside and the pub has been the place to sit down and unwind after a long day of skiing for individuals at the rest. Using Pat’s Peak coupons at all of these locations is an excellent way to cut costs on a great trip.

When thinking about when to go to Pat’s Peak, people have to keep in mind some of the seasonal celebrations that take place. It goes without saying that winter is the time to ski, but more specifically, the Christmas and New Year’s Eve season is a great time to be there. Additionally, Pat’s Peak has done a lot in the recent past to promote their early spring skiing, so individuals who want a slightly different experience should give that a try.

Pats Peak Offers Coupons, Discounts, and Special Deals

One of the best ways to enjoy Pat’s Peak is by using Pat’s Peak coupons. There are plenty of them out there, and they can help individuals save money on everything from expensive lift tickets to items at the pub. Finding them online anywhere other than the official Pat’s Peak website is a mostly fruitless venture. On that site, some Pat’s Peak coupons are given away, so you have to check at the right time. Offline, various skiing magazines in the New England area are known to feature Pat’s Peak coupons on occasion, as well.

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