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Background Info on Mrs. Smith’s Pies

While many households enjoy the delicious, homemade-tasting frozen pies marketed by the Mrs. Smith’s Pie Corperation, most do not realize that this frozen food giant grew from very humble beginnings. Amanda Smith, a quiet homemaker, and her son, Robert Smith, first introduced the world to their family’s luscious pastries in Pottstown, Pennsylvania in the early 1920’s. Here, Amanda and Robert sold individual slices of deep-dish fruit pies at the YMCA lunch counter, and before long, the pies were such a large selling item that the Smith family formed the multi-billion dollar Mrs. Smith Pie Company.

Initially, the tempting fruit-filled pies included flavors, such as apple, peach, blueberry, and cherry. By 1930, Amanda had four Mrs. Smith Pie Bakeries in the Northeastern United States. One in Loganville, Pa. In the 1950’s, the pastry makers switched tactics and started producing frozen versions of their famous fresh fruit pies. Mrs Smith’s noted their pie’s growing popularity, and soon they decided to also include custard pies. Mrs Smith’s still markets classic crust styles bursting with fillings like cherry, apple, blueberry, and peach as well as thicker, deeper pies that have a delectable crumb topping instead of a crispy top crust. These frozen delights soared with success over the years and soon became the company’s trademark.

The Mrs. Smith’s Pie Company has been purchased several times over the course of the last few decades by such well-known conglomerates like the Kellogg Company in 1976 and the Schwan Food Company in 2003. Amanda Smith’s initial enterprise has grown exponentially to become one of the largest frozen pie brands in the United States. The company’s bakeries in Pottstown, Pa functioned not only as historical landmarks but also as the region’s largest employer for the majority of the twentieth century. Presently, the majority of Mrs. Smith’s pies sell best during holiday seasons.

Certain flavors, such as the apple, sit atop the best seller list during the year while other specialty flavors, like the pumpkin, mince, and sweet potato rise to the top during Thanksgiving and Christmas, making several of these flavors labeled by stores as “seasonal.” In conjunction with their multifarious desserts, Mrs. Smith’s also sells pie shells in two variations, regular and deep dish.

By using the pie shells instead of buying the entire pie, customers can maximize their creative potential by mixing and matching flavors for a more homemade effect. By enabling customers to personalize their pie shells, the customers also can fully appreciate and enjoy the numerous conveniences that Mrs. Smith’s frozen products can provide.

Get Coupon Codes, Promotional Discounts, and Special Deals for Mrs. Smith’s Pies

Coupons for Mrs. Smith’s pies are offered in local publications where the Mrs Smith Corporation has large distribution centers, and coupons can also be found in flyers of local grocery markets within the distribution area. Likewise, a myriad of coupons are also located online. In fact, most national chain stores post discounts on their websites. Walmart, Kroger, and Publix all offer printable coupons via links from their home pages.

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