Mimi’s Cafe Coupons


Mimi’s Café History

A World War II veteran named Arthur J. Simms founded Mimi’s cafe in 1978. The restaurant was named after a French woman and designed to replicate the cozy atmosphere of French cottages. Arthur’s son Tom worked with his father to orchestrate the café’s grand opening in Anaheim, California.

The beautiful architecture of Mimi’s design, its coffee shop simplicity combined with its prolific bounty of appetizers, entrees, desserts, and delicious espresso bar make this 32 year old café a favorite of millions of people in 22 states. Today, Chef Adam Baird is the executive chef for Mimi’s and he makes sure that customers old and new stay happy with their choices.

Mimi’s Café Specialties

Mimi’s Espresso bar is one of the first offerings that stand out about the café. The names aren’t all that creative, but you can tell from looking at a picture of a freshly poured mocha latte that you’re in for a treat when you order from the espresso bar.

Mimi’s full service bars offer dozens of tempting drinks. Mixed drinks, cocktails, and beer are another specialty of Mimi’s. Mimi’s New Orleans Hurricane contains Southern comfort whiskey, orange, grapefruit, and pineapple juices combined with a float of grenadine. Coffee cocktails are very popular. Mimi’s Almond joy coffee cocktail is a special favorite of visitors. When you browse over the huge selection of cocktails, wines, and margaritas, you’ll see right away that this is a specialty of Mimi’s Café.

Mimi’s serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner, so there is no one specialty food. They do offer a fresh and fit selection that most restaurants of this kind don’t offer. It’s a nice way to allow the more health conscious eater to enjoy the café atmosphere without having to give into temptation. Mimi’s tasty protein breakfast is a stand-out menu item that shows just how far this place goes to make everyone happy.

Seasonal Celebrations

Mimi’s Café is a warm, exciting dining experience year-round, but if you need catering for your holiday parties, Mimi’s can help. Party packs serve 4-6 people for $24.99-$39.99. If you’re having a large seasonal gathering, you have to order more than one, but the variety of these party packs is phenomenal. They include entrees, sides, and desserts, and should make everyone at your gathering thankful that you chose Mimi’s to feed the masses.

Get Mimi’s Café Coupons and Promotional Discounts

Coupon lovers will be in heaven when they visit the official Mimi’s Café website. Opportunities for Mimi’s Café coupons are on almost every page and when there aren’t coupons, there are rewards and regular savings.

Mimi’s to-go service comes with a coupon if you order online. When you pick up your order, you get a free starter. Mimi’s e-club puts your email inbox in touch with Mimi’s Café coupons all year long. Just for joining the e-club, you get a free breakfast. In case you’re wondering what kind of breakfast you can look forward to, it’s a blueberry stuffed French toast “inside and out” breakfast. Mimi’s Cafes sends out more coupons when they become available. The café also offers a price fixed option. You get a two course dinner for $9.99 or a three course dinner for $12.99. This is an ongoing deal.

Offline Coupons

If you want additional savings, check local sales papers and newspapers for Mimi’s Café coupons. Local publications usually carry the most updated coupons and they’re the most readily available. Online coupons are exclusive online only deals, so check Mimi’s website often to find out what’s available to you. As seasons change, new deals come along and hungry coupon clippers won’t want their families to miss out on the discounts.

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