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The inventor of the first Maybelline product, the mascara, was a chemist by profession. He noticed that Maybel, his younger sister, was trying to make her eyelashes darker and fuller by applying a combination of coal dust and Vaseline. He worked on producing such a product in his lab to sell commercially, and created a product he named Lash-Brow-Ine, in 1915. The product sold well, but he sought a new name for it so that his sales will be even greater. Using his sister’s name as a base, he coined the word Maybelline for his mascara line.

Following on this success, he then created two other mascara products; in 1917 Maybelline’s cake Mascara for daily use, and then in the 1960’s Ultra Lash, the first automatic mascara. This product was the first mascara of its kind to be applied with a brush from a tube. Following that, in 1971, water based mascara, Great Lash, was introduced, and to this day it is claimed to be the best selling mascara of all mascaras marketed today. It is estimated to be so popular that one is sold in every 1 1/2 seconds in the U.S. In all, Maybelline has thirteen different mascara products and the appeal ranges from the high tech to the high fashion.

Plough, Inc. (later known as Schering-Plough) bought Maybelline in 1967, but later in 1990 sold it to Wasserstein Perella, an investment company in New York.
The endorsements given by actresses like Lynda Carter, Josie Maran, Christy Turlington, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Zhang Zivi and Fasha Sandha, gave the company a great marketing boost.

Maybelline introduced other products to the market in the 1970’s, such as oil-control makeup, which gave a shine free finish for oily skinned women, and to this day it is still a very popular product. Nail and lip colors were also introduced at this time also. An important introduction occurred in 1997, when the company launched its fast drying nail color, Express Finish Fast-Dry Nail Enamel. Supposedly the nail color took just one minute to dry. It is said that this product is the bestselling nail polish today. Other express products, such as the lipstick and liner in one, the volumizing mascara, and liquid eyeliners were launched. More advances occurred in 1998, when extended wearing lipcolor was introduced and in 1999 when three in one makeup packs of liner, shadow and blush, were marketed for the first time.

Purchased by L’Oreal

It was not until the company was later purchased in 1996, by L’Oreal, did L’Oreal begin to get a greater market share in the cosmetics business. In L’Oreal USA, Inc. Maybelline is in a division by itself with headquarters located in New York. Maybelline has established itself as a cosmetics company that is an authority in color, and the company has been able to not just stay abreast of the technology, but able to use technology to create even more advanced products in its industry.

Ways to Print Maybelline Coupon and Discount Codes Instantly

From the company website, online printing of product coupons is made very easy for the Maybelline consumer. In order to print coupons from the site, the consumer must first download and install the Coupon Printer. Instructions appear at every step of the down and install process. Printing to paper is the only option; printing to a graphic format such as PDF or printing to a fax machine is not possible.

Possible savings through such coupons are $2.00 off any 1 Maybelline eye product or even $1.00 off any Maybelline lip and nail product.

Offline sources of coupons are available from coupon inserts in the Sunday papers, or in drugstore flyers, or the flyers put out by large chain stores. The tear pads in some supermarkets and drug stores may also provide Maybelline coupons.

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