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The Mall of America, located in Bloomington, Minnesota, is the second largest enclosed mall in the United States in terms of the retail space. Overall, as a measurement of total enclosed floor space, the Mall of America is the largest in the country. The mall boasts more than 500 retail stores and several major attractions and venues for visitors. As a popular destination for travelers and high volumes of local shoppers, the Mall of America must cater to various types of cultural and financial demographics.

How to Get Coupon Codes and Promotional Savings at the Mall of America

Mall of America coupons are commonly sought by shoppers headed for a specific item or store. The best places to find coupons specifically for locations within the Mall of America are websites and local publications. Sites representing the municipalities of Bloomington and the Twin Cities, as well as the Mall of America website itself, provide a constantly changing selection of special discounts and coupons for shops and attractions. The Bloomington, Minnesota, site – – has quick links to a number of coupon opportunities. Additionally, contains similar offers.

The best way to pursue coupons for a venue of retail space as large as the Mall of America is to search for specific products or occasions. Many of the major retailers within the mall offer coupons and discounts through their website, though the number of stores makes searching each opportunity an overwhelming task for the consumer. In addition to the retail space and attractions such as the Underwater Adventures Aquarium and an indoor amusement park, the Mall of America contains innumerable restaurants and kiosks for quick shopping and dining.

Many of the coupon opportunities in local publications focus on events and special occasion attractions. Publications in the region often come in the form of coupon books or entertainment packages with savings opportunities that run throughout the year. In addition to the websites above, local travel planning websites and offices offer opportunities for the purchase of mall-specific coupon packets. Travel agents can help to procure such items for any visitor who contacts them in advance.

Visitor Services

Shoppers planning a trip to the Twin Cities region can also peruse visitor’s websites such as for ideas on how best to maneuver the many options for shopping and entertainment at the mall. The Mall of America can be difficult to navigate without a plan of action and map for navigation. Coupon books and entertainment programs specific to the space will have accompanying maps steering consumers to the stores representing the advertised discounts and coupons.

There are many hotels in the Twin Cities region that offer accommodations with accompanying discount coupon booklets for the Mall of America and its attractions. Listings of hotels in the region found at and many of the major travel websites should afford potential travelers a look at any potential discounts or coupons they will receive with a commitment to stay. Hotels that accommodate families regularly offer tickets to the aquarium and amusement park in an effort to provide year-round entertainment to their visitors and children. Complimentary passes for such venues may be complimentary with reservation, though specific retail coupons and discounts are less common.

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